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Got tired of the boring cpu grind so I decided to try some H2H. 

Played my first ever Battle Royal game. Guess I pi$$ed off my opponent. To combat his quick pitching, after hitting 3 straight singles, I decide to do a suicide squeeze with Drew Stubbs with 0 outs. 

Caught him off guard, which was the point of doing it. 


Well, instead of trying to pitch hid way out of a jam, he decides to plunk my next 4 batters, giving me a 5-0 Mercy win. 


Not complaining about the win. But why even bother playing the game if you're not going to play straight. 

2/14/2019 9:10PM PST

Normally I'd agree that squeezing is cheese. But sometimes ya gotta adapt to your opponent. Quick pitching can be very annoying. IRL, quick pitching is called a balk.

Plus, BR is the wild west. Gotta be willing to go for broke

2/15/2019 12:29PM PST
See original thread.