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In the GameStop Monday video we saw Keith Hernandez (NYM #17) in Conquest Maps. I don't recall him being in the game this year.

3/11/2019 2:52PM PDT

Rogers Hornsby. That's the good stuff. Greatest offensive 2B ever.

3/12/2019 6:44AM PDT

Called Mattingly....

Boone is a strange one but it at least gives us a much needed power 2B.

A.J. Burnett....WHAT?! He had like 3 good seasons?!

Prince Hal is a nice touch....solid crafty lefty from the 1940s and 50s.

3/14/2019 6:17PM PDT

Is Kenny lofton returning this year? Albert belle?

3/15/2019 4:37AM PDT

Mattingly was one of my favorites growing up, even though he was a Yankee, I was a kid and didn’t really care about the rivalry.  His power seems kind of low, however I’m assuming he’ll get a Signature card as well. 

3/15/2019 9:02AM PDT

Rickey Henderson!

3/18/2019 10:07AM PDT

So 10 more legends and 10 more Diamonds for the team affinity

3/18/2019 5:56PM PDT

Is there still 10 more new legends being released?

3/19/2019 5:10AM PDT

Torii Hunter!

3/21/2019 1:04PM PDT

Give me Jim Thome or give me death.

3/22/2019 6:07PM PDT

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