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Boggs stance didn’t look like Captain Caveman 

2/14/2019 7:58PM PST

All that is nice but where is Mickey Mantle..Roger Maris.. Gehrig??

Ruth is great but he cant be the only big name Yankee in a baseball game

2/14/2019 8:00PM PST

Jimmie Foxx played a lot of Catcher, as well as OF. He had a CANNON. Career 40% CS rate. I hope he has a secondary behind the dish.

2/14/2019 9:56PM PST

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2/18/2019 2:34PM PST


2/18/2019 4:08PM PST

I saw Jay Buhner as well. I also saw they covered someone up on the frame that had Alomar. Looked like an old 1950's Indian patch, I dunno.

2/18/2019 7:41PM PST

Buhner is already in the game, he's Seattle's Team Epic.....decent card a few months back.  

2/19/2019 5:17AM PST

I'm pretty sure that i saw Cliff Lee on the TV screen in his Indians uniform???

2/19/2019 6:32AM PST

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2/21/2019 4:36PM PST

Damn!!! THE TRAIN!!!!

2/21/2019 5:47PM PST

Moments GameStop MLB Monday and Twitch Stream will most likely give us TONS of legends next Monday and Thursday... hoping against hope to see some new Mets legends.

2/22/2019 6:32AM PST

I wonder if for the new Moments Mode we get Legendary Classic Teams like the 1927 Yankees or the 1915 Red Sox etc.

That would be epic as hell....



2/24/2019 12:07PM PST

I don't think we'll ever get classic teams in The Show

2/25/2019 6:17AM PST

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2/28/2019 3:28PM PST

 Mark Prior?

2/28/2019 3:51PM PST

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2/28/2019 4:08PM PST

I wonder what part of "New Legends" people can't understand.

2/28/2019 4:41PM PST

KERRY WOOD AND MARK PRIOR!!! Looks like I'm preordering!

2/28/2019 5:52PM PST

Seems like they're going heavy with the golden oldies. Not that I'm complaining mind you....Just give me Honus Wagner and Lou Gehrig and I'm in full on geek out mode!!!!

2/28/2019 9:59PM PST

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3/7/2019 6:40PM PST

Loving the new legends reveals so far. Would like to see some legends from the 1990s, like Larry Walker, Edgar Renteria, and Andres Galarraga.

3/8/2019 6:16AM PST

After seeing that Jackie Robinson for the Dodgers, I'm starting to worry that the Giants pick will be McCovey or Cepeda.

3/8/2019 6:47AM PST

Of course it will.  Has been for half a decade.

3/9/2019 7:43PM PST

Since it seems like fastball will be king this year id love to see any of Randy Johnson Curt Schilling and Roger Clemens Sandy Koufax and Pedro Martinez in the game (sounds like a solid rotation doesn’t it) 

3/10/2019 2:15PM PDT

My Ideas/Hopes for remaining 15 or so new legends:

1. Honus Wagner - It would make next to no sense to put all of these other Old-Timers in (Young, Cobb, Mathewson and Gehrig) and not include The Flying Dutchman. Especially considering the same company owns Young and Ruth's estates as Wagner's.

2. Don Mattingly - He has been in the game as a manager for some time now. Might as well make a yankee legend player version.

3. Pedro Martinez - He works for MLB Network so I would assume he shouldn't be too hard to sign.

4. Roberto Clemente - The Latin Jackie Robinson is long overdue.

5. Carl Yaztremski - I'm a Red Sox fan so of course I have to throw Yaz in here.

6. Mickey Mantle - Now that we have Willie and The Duke we have to have Mickey.

7. Nomar Garciaparra - Another Red Sox fan must add. One of the most notoriously underrated shortstops ever.

8. Tris Speaker - Greatest CF of Dead-Ball era nuff said.

9. Joe DiMaggio - Pipe dream I know. Would also be nice to get his brother Dom as well.

10. Bobby Doerr - His batting stance is in last year's game. WHY THE HELL ISN'T HE?!

11. Lou Boudreu - Solid HOF SS. Plus like Doerr his batting stance is already in.

12. Randy Johnson - Not a legend wish list without the Big Unit front and center.

13. Jim Thome - Solid slugger and good addition to the Indian legends we already have (Vizquel, Alomar, Belle, Lofton).

14. Thurman Munson - He was in MLB 09 The Show. I would have to think they could sign his estate again.

15. Three Finger Brown - Dominant pitcher for the Cubs at the turn of the 20th Century.

16. Greg Maddux - We need the Braves trio of dominance. NOW!

17. Tom Glavine - see Maddux

18. John Smoltz - see Maddux

19. David Ortiz - Again, I'm a Sox fan so Papi is a must.

20. Grover Cleveland Alexander - Truly great pitcher from the 1910s and 20s with almost identical numbers to Christy Matthewson. Phillies fans would finally have a solid pitcher to pair with Nola.


3/11/2019 12:06PM PDT

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