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For those of you who didn't (or did) see the 30 min gameplay video that's now been taken down, I was able to watch it and do some analysis of the hit results and some other observations before it got taken down. 

Now these results might be a tad bit off since I'm also watching my son while I was writing my notes, but they give you an idea of the results. Also, you can't see hit results for the third out of the inning so those aren't included. 

Innings seen 5

Batters - 41

Pitches thrown -154

Foul balls/foul tips - 34

Fastballs swung on EARLY (too early, very early, early, just early - FB I counted as anything above 90 MPH) - 29

Singles - 6 

        Of the 1Bs here were the results

        Good/Good 106 exit velo 

        Early/Weak 72 exit velo

        Good/Squared up 89 exit velo

        Good/Okay 89 exit velo

        Very Early/Okay 79 exit velo

        Just Late/Okay 78 exit velo

Doubles - none

Triples - none

Homers 2

        Hit results for homers

        Good/Squared - 100 exit velo

        Good/Good - 98 exit velo

Outs with solid contact

        Good/Squared up 94 exit velo out CF

        Just Late/Good 97 exit velo 6-3 out

        Good/Squared up 102 exit velo out RF

        Just Early/Good 92 exit velo out LF

        Good/Squared up exit velo 100 6-3 out

        Good/Good 104 exit velo out RF

 So some of my take aways are this:

Fastballs are still way too slow. No way you should see 29 early swings on fastballs in 5 IP. I get that the player could be bad, but I assume those playing played 18.

Still TOO MANY foul balls. The average MLB game has 30 total. We saw 34 in 5 IP. So close to double that in a full game.       

Homers were more realistic since there weren't 10 of them in the game and they came on realistic results. 

75% of the base hits were seen on weak or okay contact results. 

6 balls with good or squared up results went for outs which means 50% of the good/sqaured up results went for outs. 


On top of this I saw more than a couple balls in the zone that were NOT called strikes. I also think the swing animations were not very good.

All in all, I don't see much of a difference between 18/19. I know it's a small sample size, but I'm not encouraged by it outside of it seems like there were a less % of hits that were homers.  If these are the results of a local game, imagine online play...    

2/12/2019 12:06PM PST

Gotta love the haters. @jdramirez1314 took the time to give us his thoughts on what he saw and all anyone cares about is losing their ***.

I was actually encoured by some of the stuff I saw, but I only saw 2 innings. It's a first impression. Relax on all the hate. Go get a hug or something

2/13/2019 10:20AM PST
See original thread.