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Remember the first years of Diamond Dynasty? Back when the players were fictional, and the purpose was to build up their attributes before they expired. In those days, games were won on skill & guile. What an amazing concept DD was... create your own team, design your own uniforms, and play against others who've done the same. You could set options such as no quick pitch, balks on, no strike zone, etc. You could switch the DH rule off & on. You could set different lineups against RHP and LHP (I understand some of these features are coming back, but I'm not done yet).

Then, DLC took over the world. Now DD has become a wearisome race to end up with the same players on your squad as everyone else has on theirs, in order to compete. This requires throwing down additional real life cash, and/or playing the game for 40 hours/week... difficult to do with a job and a wife. Not to mention the monotony of it all. There are +/- 5 different versions of the same player ("flashbacks" galore). You're forced to play offline in order to accomplish some missions.

These days, every hit is either a home run or an easy fly ball... unless, of course, it's a line drive off the pitcher.

Hot ground balls through the infield will still result in your runner from 2nd sliding into 3rd for no apparent reason.

Did I mention we constantly see all the same players? Over and over and over again? It seems like 90% of the teams I see online have the same players. It's grown wearisome beyond belief.

Of course, I completely understand that there are consumers out there who will happily come out of pocket for additional content and possibilities, and this is tremendously beneficial to SDS, who will use some of the additional revenue to treat us to content featuring Ken Griffey, Jr., Aaron Judge, Bryce Harper, et al. That's all well and good.

I am just bored out of my mind of seeing all the same players all the time... and being expected to acquire those same players in order to compete the way I could back in the old days when I didn't have to spend so much time & money on the game. It's all become so sterile.

I suppose it would be possible to bring some variety back to the game, if the developers were to get truly creative with it. (Dumping a few more legends and flashbacks into the game isn't the solution... everyone will just end up striving to acquire the same players). Perhaps something like Franchise Mode, or a League, would help. It would be tricky, but putting a certain number of gamers into a pool, and only allowing for one of each card to be available in the pool, but allowing for trades (including trades for stubs, maybe?) or add/drop players, etc., would prevent the monotony that has become DD. That way, no two rosters would be alike! Other factors that would lend to a gamer making roster moves could also be the "happiness" factor that's featured in Franchise, or a team chemistry indicator that affects players' attributes, or other such ideas.

I don't know. In my humblest of opinions, it seems something has to be done, lest this game just feel like another money grab every year. I've been playing every year since '11, and I know some reading this have been playing even longer. I did pre-order this year's game, but I'm not even excited about its release as I used to be in past years. Maybe it's just run its course for me. Maybe SDS needs a serious competitor (a la MVP Baseball). I don't know. This is all just my $0.02 that could be completely overlooked by everyone... but hopefully not. I would just love to see someone make The Show great again.

2/12/2019 10:06AM PST

Your league idea is possible now through simple communication between players.


We could have a 30 team draft with 25 rounds. 

2/13/2019 5:43AM PST
See original thread.