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If you have more steals then HRs, especially by a large amount you are a cheeser and probably trash at the game..

2/5/2019 6:16PM PST

If you don't know the difference between then and than, you're a tool.

2/5/2019 6:35PM PST

Sadly you are probably right. I hate cheesers but Ramone love them. I mean, he said bronze Niekro is a top notch pitcher or something like that. I may have to start using SP Niekro. After all is a payback to KN cheesers. If you place him in your starting rotation he will be your #5 SP and most likely your opponent #5 as well. They will feel the pain as well. Just saying. 

2/5/2019 6:54PM PST

LOL 1) Im not an english teacher 2) English is my second language 3) youre an offline player what you say means nothing Im talking about the game and you wanna  talk grammar cuz all you know is CPU on rookie Altoidgirl And its funny I still made it to Law school using then or than.. You know why ?Cuz nobody gives a *** its all about ideas Thats why there is editors like you small fry CPU guy

2/5/2019 7:00PM PST

While the game loads, if I looks up a players tag on TSN and I see a crazy home run to steal ratio like this I just request a FQ. Not worth my time 

2/5/2019 7:11PM PST

LOL exactly you know its about to be a cheese filled trash game.. No skills those are exploit players 

2/5/2019 7:13PM PST

I beg to differ.

Since this point was raised earlier in the year, I pretty much stopped stealing entirely and made sure I hit more home runs than steals every RS game. I’m a lousy hitter, but some of you had started calling me a cheeser because of this ratio.

Despite all that, I still have more steals than home runs, and at this point, I don’t give a rat’s a$$ what anyone on here says.

What is the point of this post anyway? We have all heard and accepted this concept already. Are you trying to call someone in particular out, Jayne?

2/5/2019 7:58PM PST

Well Mr.Halfbutt Im sorry you felt targeted by the post due to being called out earlier in the year and because of your own ratio.. That is very unfortunate.. Maybe you can practice and not rely on steals considering you are one of those players with more steals then HR?..

Either way your own personal story doesn't change the fact that everyone knows if you have that kind of ratio you are trash and have no skills therefore relying on cheap steals...

Hope you can get better in 19

2/5/2019 8:12PM PST

I tend to agree with the post. I think the point of the post is we hope the game will be close to real life baseball but stealing is just broken.  In real life if you pitch out when someone is stealing you have a really good chance of throwing them out. In this game a pitchout is probably the worst thing you can do because the runner will return to first. I’m not sure if I’ve ever seen that happen in real life. I think the best description of cheese is using known flaws in the game to try to win. 

2/5/2019 8:18PM PST

Exactly and the tagging at third base is broken.. Its way too easy to steal third

2/5/2019 8:27PM PST

I type from my phone and it's way too much of a hassle to go through and fix it.

2/5/2019 8:40PM PST

ITs okay Im not a grammar cop like Altoidgirl 

2/5/2019 8:44PM PST

There are a ton of players in real life who have more steals than home runs... Stealing in this game is broken though I'll give you that

2/6/2019 2:23AM PST

I Always see all these people talk about these different legends that they want to be added to the show but I’ve never seen anyone talk about Honus Wagner. I would love to see Honus Wagner in the show. He was a stud both offensively and defensive. Greatest shortstop of all time

2/6/2019 4:04AM PST

I dont get what the difference is between using a player with tons of power, versus a player with low power and high speed. The purpose is to score, right? With the power hitter, you're gonna get lucky home runs, with the speedster, you're gonna steal 2nd. If stealing is cheese, then power is speed too. You're also ignoring the fact that a lot of power hitters weren't available to everyone at the start of the game. If you started the stats since immortals and career arcs were obtained, almost everyone would probably have more home runs than SB.

Besides, if you're gonna give me the extra base, I'm gonna take it. 

2/6/2019 4:08AM PST

Y'all need to look at the 83-88 Cardinals.

2/6/2019 4:29AM PST

If you run into a steal cheeser just quit. I quit games I’m winning due to this nonsense. In my opinion, due to SDS’s lack of attention to quality gameplay, why should I care about wins and losses? They mean nothing to meat this point. Haven’t for a long time. All I’m interested in is a clean, quality, cheese free game. Anything else, and I bail.

2/6/2019 5:29AM PST

Yeah, point to the exception.

The OP is over simplifying a truthful statement.

Yes, if you have Hamilton, Gordon, Brock, Robinson, iTrout in your lineup, then you can maybe call yourself the 80s cardinals.

But if you're team is full of 60-80's speed guys and you send guys every time there is one on base, swing when it's a slide step, send the runner back to 1st on a pitch out, then you are a cheeser.

Seeing someone with more steaks than HRs can be a good indicator that he is a cheeser, but it's not 100%.

Like I said, there are ways to counter, slide step obviously, pitch out, throw over, step off. But all this just makes for a pain in the butt game rather than a fun game.

It is the difference between wanting to win and have fun, vs win at all cost. People take winning in this game way too seriously.

2/6/2019 5:36AM PST

The problem is still the lack of animations for fielders compared to runners.  It is still to easy to turn on a dime and head back to first.  All you have to do is get a unncessary tag animation and your back safe.  If it came on a pitch out you got a free ball as well.  

The risk vs reward is unbalanced to the runner.  As the defender I don't have much control of the accuracy of my pick off throw and I am bound to the animations.  As a runner I can lead off as much as I want, rarely get picked off, and I can always tuck tail and return to first base.  

If you watch any real baseball at all you'd know how uncommon it is for a runner to commit to a steal and then stop and return their base.  99% of the time they do it, it was a fake steal attempt.  

2/6/2019 6:51AM PST

I don't think op gets enough men on base to have many steals...

2/6/2019 7:05AM PST

The point is stealing and tagging is broken so the players who have this ratio are aware of this fact and cheese steal around the bases because they know unless it was a pitch out they will be safe 95% of the time

2/6/2019 7:52AM PST

I disagree, I am not sure what my ratio is, But i do know I steal quite a bit, I do it with guys that can and I do not need the extra lead it is to easy to pick guys off in this game,  I understand what this post is saying when someone steals with a guy like Thomas had no business doing is cheese. What is even a bigger cheese move is bunting with bases loaded with a Power hitter knowing the animation on a bunt that the throw home runner is alway safe. 

2/6/2019 7:53AM PST

Low visuion power guys are cheese to they hit way to many HR if you use Gallo and he has more HR than K’s that is cheese as well right?

2/6/2019 7:58AM PST

Completely disagree.  Some of us didn't waste our lives playing the CPU on rookie to unlock Immortals who are way overpowered.   My team for months had a good balance of speed and power.   I do steal bases and I'm aggressive running.  However, I don't try to exploit game flaws either.  I don't return to first on pitchouts and I don't intentionally get in run downs.  I will play small ball though.  I'll steal a base and bunt a guy over.  Nothing cheesy about that.   If you can't defend the steal at this point in the game that's on you.   I'm going to try to steal anytime I see Scwarber at catcher.

2/6/2019 8:13AM PST

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