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Thanks for finally answering this question.  it's appreciated.  

OLF is a great mode.  So is DD.  Taking it out did speed up the servers for 18.  And possibly made less disconnects in DD.  But in my honest opinion, that slight upgrade is not worth removing the whole mode.  I played a lot of OLF.  It's a whole lot of fun when you get 30 committed guys in a league and play by the league rules.  It's fun being responsible for drafting your own team and managing that team.  making trades, offering contracts, making playoffs, world series, and so on.   If it's about profits, I get why you guys took it out.  It wasn't profitable to you. 

I wish there was a way to have both in the game.  A separate server for OLF.  something.  Because its a great mode.  Even if you guys charged stubbs for each OLF someone enters to pay for the separate server?  I hope you can bring back the mode for 2020  In some way.  


2/9/2019 7:41AM PST

It would be nice if they did, but you know that they won't.

Worst part about it is that for many of these people, this is really the main video game that they play(ed). And since it's the only decent baseball game available on any console system, those who aren't happy with the changes that are being made to the game, are just SOL.

2/9/2019 9:39PM PST

And THIS is why SDS doesn't communicate anything...they get this response.

I don't agree with this move by them, but if you don't like it, don't buy the game. The estimates of how many people played it were way off...I'd be surprised if it was even 10%. It was a mainly dead mode that affected the servers.

2/10/2019 8:24AM PST

I keep hearing “but the numbers say”


correct me me if I’m wrong, but weren’t the numbers based on how many leagues were created?

it may have been the least popular mode by those numbers, but of course they’re lower. You only need to create one league for every 30 people, in theory. 

I played in 2, 100% user leagues for years. That’s 60 users for two leagues.


i could be wrong or misremembering their numbers, but clearly the mode was popular, by the constant outage we see about it.


i thinks it’s time for competition for SD Studios

2/10/2019 8:47AM PST

Everything that everyone says in here is speculation, with no hard facts to prove anyone's opinion.

The one thing we do know, is that another year has passed since they announced it was being taken out because of NOT ENOUGH TIME TO REWRITE THE CODE, so  it must not have actually had anything to do with that.

I also know that talking about it, isn't going to change it. 

2/10/2019 12:15PM PST

That's 2 years in a row that I wont be buying this game then. It was obvious they took out online franchise which a lot of people play so they can herd those online players into thier microtranscation mode Diamond Dynasty. Idk why they dont just say that straight up, instead of making exesuses like they did last year for reason for taking it out.  Really wish they didn't have monopoly on baseball games. At least I save $79.99 this year as well. Done with these devs, greed got to them just like every other major AAA devs these days.   Bye. Delete my account please. 

2/10/2019 4:59PM PST

Can’t You guys just charge Stubs like BR to enter an OFL ran by a computer so nobody gets dropped and if anyone does drop let user join an active league for 1/2 price.  We all know why You really don’t have OF

2/10/2019 5:02PM PST

It seems like online Franchise mode is important to a lot of players. I feel there is no better way to get what you want implemented into the game then to not buy MLB 19. I'm saving my money this year until I see major improvement in the game and the addition to online franchise mode again. Cheers all

2/12/2019 5:48AM PST

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