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Couldn't you essentially do Online Franchise games with Play with Friends?  I'm sure there is fantasy draft software you could probably use as well.  Play a game and send results to the Commish who could post it up to the Team Snap website.  I know it's not ideal but still.

2/7/2019 2:43PM PST

Someone please fill me in, but what’s online franchise? Or what’s the fuss about??

2/7/2019 2:49PM PST

Franchise, but online. Was in 17, but SDS removed it in 18. Everyone asked if it was coming back for 19, then the Dev's confirmed it's not and now everyone's making a fuss about it ( including me lol )

2/7/2019 2:53PM PST

Does anyone know if Play with Friends Box Scores are indeed posted on theshownation Game History?  If so, I could easily scrape the boxscores from all league members and post the results, standings, stats, etc to a website.

2/7/2019 3:01PM PST

This would be ideal , but me and a friend played 20 games its the same rosters each game noway to load your own and you cant use starters out of bullpen for playoff format, no stat tracking within the game. If they allowed you to invite friend in daily matchups or invite a friends to play with you in a offline franchise then u have stats, whatver rosters u want to use etc.

2/7/2019 3:41PM PST

See, that's what I'm talking about. A little communication goes a long way.

2/7/2019 3:45PM PST

They have taken so much out of the game to make room for diamond dynasty. Wouldn't surprise me if in a year or two, they take out offline franchise and rtts. I used to love franchise but now it's not fun. they have taken so much out of it like ticket prices, transportation, training equipment, the old, better budget system, etc..... Hell, you could even borrow money from a bank if ya needed it lol. Now ya can't do any of that... Why did you take that stuff away from franchise??

2/7/2019 5:02PM PST

This is very upsetting and a little puzzling why this makes economic sense for them. I know everyone is jumping on the "micro-transactions" bus, but they know cutting an entire mode is going to lose them customers. Why else wait so long to "announce" this each year (which this isn't even an official announcement... So they're unethically hiding it for a reason, presumably to trick people into pre-orders... As I was a victim of last year). 

What's very puzzling is the deliberate cutting of a game mode where they have possibly the most hard core part of their fanbase. The very customers who are the most likely to talk about the game to other baseball fans. I remember I won a bat in one of the challenge in 2016 and gloated about it all over social media. This...Versus the casual players they're getting in DD who are not likely to speak to others about the game.

Lastly, it's puzzling due to the drop in quality of the game. I have always found Online Franchise to be a superior game mode because the community polices it's own. Crumbs who like to baserun and bunt cheese, or those who are just poor sports, don't last long in the league. This leaves the core players with an actual simulation of baseball that they play with a group of friends. This is being sold out for playing strangers with terrible uniforms in stadiums like Polo Grounds who like to score using baserunning cheese and message you after the game to tell you that you suck...

With the death of this mode, you can no longer play the game with your friends, outside a silly exhibition game. Let's state that again. YOU CAN'T EVEN PLAY THIS GAME WITH YOUR FRIENDS. I think the statement says everything about how we all feel.

2/7/2019 5:13PM PST

What about this new mode called “ March to October “? That has to be some kind of season/playoff mode. 

Sds also said” we are always exploring new ways to provide similar experiences in an online environment “

2/7/2019 5:20PM PST

I do feel bad for people that played this mode, but I never did so it doesn’t really affect me. 

I will be super disappointed if they don’t make strides in regular franchise beyond contract extensions though. 

2/7/2019 7:32PM PST

Won't buy it and many of my friends won't either. The server issue is just silly. If there are so few people playing the online franchise mode it sure doesn't affect the server. If so many people prefer DD, which includes playing online too, then the server is good enough for OFM. Bottom line, they went for the mode that will bring them the most money and f*** a certain % of their fans/customers. Disgusting...

2/7/2019 7:50PM PST

Vote with your wallets, folks.

2/8/2019 8:29AM PST

Yeah exactly, don't buy 19 and pine for it, just keep playing 17.

2/8/2019 8:30AM PST

I think I understand why people love Online Franchise so much and based on all of your comments here - why not simply just create a website of your own, have your friends in it, and use automated code to fill in your scores etc.?  The concept of playing a league with friends is a great one but if all you are relying on is the servers to account for stats, then why not just DIY ?



2/8/2019 8:45AM PST

Yea how dare people want a mode in the game that got taken out because SDS is cheap. Is there anything SDS does that you won't defend? Can you write the code for us and upload everything for us? Can you do the auto matchmaking with the correct settings too? 

2/8/2019 9:15AM PST

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE....add expansion already...ive got kidney failure...i dont know how much longer i hard can it be to improve franchise mode ....nba2k has it....madden has it...why not us baseball fans

2/8/2019 9:32AM PST

Cry me a river dude, we're in a league right now in 18 and having a blast.  I killed Bob Feller last night and it was glorious.  So it takes a little effort to schedule and track, big deal.  The guys running the league are fantastic and the players we have are top notch and are fun to play. 

Online Franchise was untouched for several years and then dumped because it was a nightmare on the servers, get over it.  Don't act like you didn't know it was coming.

You don't want to buy the game now, don't.  Spare us the over dramatic my life is over and my dog has cancer now routine.  

2/8/2019 9:48AM PST


Just because your stubbed toe (ironically similar to 'stubs') is infinitely more important than OLF, and to you I'm sure that it is, it still doesn't mean that everyone feels that way. And that's largely because you don't speak for everyone.

OLF was an important mode of the Show for many years, and a lot of people enjoyed it. Your so called solution to it being gone is not the same thing, even if you think that it is. 

2/8/2019 11:53AM PST

this was never about Chuck, but rather the other kid who called BS in that we have our own league.  look at the context of the posts and the timeline

2/8/2019 11:56AM PST

We are talking OF with mlb teams not DD. You cant update rosters in 18 or 19 make trades improve prospects.

2/8/2019 1:01PM PST

They can't get that right offline and you wonder why they removed the online version?

2/8/2019 1:38PM PST

I am playing in 17 leagues now they work great.

2/8/2019 2:50PM PST

The thing that a couple of these guys in here don't seem to understand is that a lot of people who want to play in OLF, want to be able to jump right in from launch day. They may not feel like having to grind in DD for 100s, if not 1000s of hours, just to build their team. Many of them also have lives, and either can't, or don't want to commit to this many hours - at all, ever... They may also want to use their favorite (or at least an actual) MLB team, with MLB logos and such. None of this is what a fantasy DD team or league, will represent.

A fantasy DD league is exactly what SDS would want you to do. Grind, BUY STUBS, exchange, and do all the other BS that DD represents, and then go play in your fantasy league.

OLF had none of this stuff and was something completely different.

2/8/2019 4:56PM PST

What I cant comprehend is how the quality of the gameplay took such a big step back? If you cut Online franchise and the game was vastly better I might understand. But to have it cut AND the overall online experience get worse just baffles me.

2/8/2019 8:00PM PST

He's right they really do work well.

2/8/2019 9:12PM PST

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