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How can someone enjoy a baseball game when there’s been times you square up & the results are fly ball,or grounder to SS.

When someone play the game well I’ll speak for my self.I try to square up and see if I can get a base hit.But instead come to find out is an out.

I wish Sds can be a little more like nba2k19 .Example in nba2k19 if the shot meter is GREEN.Jump shots will automatically goes in.I wish when ever you square up perfectly with both good time & hit speed 115 that should be granted  base hit or a dinger.But hate to see someone get granted a home run or base hit with Late timing and weak swing sorry!! 

1/25/2019 7:59PM PST

Such a potty mouth. I think someone needs a hug :)

You know nothing about me or who I am or am not. You sir have been nothing but the type of person who has proven time and time again to get off on trashing people.

But have a lovely day.

1/27/2019 12:23PM PST
See original thread.