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Fair point. That Choo card last year was one of my favorites 

11/30/2018 10:02AM PST

1996 PS Bernie Williams

1996 R Derek Jeter

1994 AS Paul O’Neill 

2002 BO Alfonso Soriano

1996 BO Andy Pettitte or

2003 IV Andy Pettitte 


11/30/2018 10:20AM PST

1993 AS Carlos Baerga

1999 HW Ivan Rodriguez

2006 AS Alfonso Soriano

1999 Derek Jeter

1985 Rickey Henderson 

1985 Don Mattingly 

1998 Bernie Williams 

1994 Paul O’Neill




11/30/2018 10:21AM PST guys suck at reading thread titles...

11/30/2018 10:33AM PST


2016 PS Andrew Miller 
2008  AS Grady Sizemore 
2002 IV Jim Thome 
1999 AS Manny Ramirez
2008 HW Cliff Lee

12/1/2018 8:38AM PST

Colorado Rockies 

AS 2000 Todd Helton 1B

MVP 1997 Larry Walker RF

AS 2001 Mike Hampton SP (awful ERA but he slugged .582!!!)

AS 1998 Vinny Castilla 3B

IV 1999 Pedro Astacio SP not a great ERA but put up decent strikeouts and went 17-11.




12/1/2018 10:22AM PST

All star flashback Puig

Dodgers Hanley

Dodgers A-Gon

and Matt Kemp 2018 comeback player of the year (players choice)

12/1/2018 11:18PM PST

Rookie Pat Borders

Breakout Pat borders

Playoff series Pat Borders

Veteran presence Pat Borders

Immortal Pat Borders 



12/1/2018 11:40PM PST

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