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would you really like a rookie Borucki instead of the Future Stars version??

11/29/2018 8:17AM PST

2016 HW Kris Bryant

2016 IV Anthony Rizzo

2016 BO Kyle Hendricks

2018 AS Javier Baez


11/29/2018 8:18AM PST

2018 BO Adam Ottavino 

2018 BO Kyle Freeland 

2018 HW Trevor Story 

2001 AS Todd Helton

1999 AS Larry Walker

Short history.

11/29/2018 8:22AM PST

2009? HW Lincecum

2010 HW Posey

2013 IV? Pence

2014 PS Bumgarner

2015 BO Crawford/2016 AS Belt/2018 FS Dereck Rodriguez (not stinking Andrew Suarez)


11/29/2018 8:37AM PST

Too hard to think up some guys. All I can come up with are retired players,legends. Flashbacks I dont really care about too much.

11/29/2018 8:41AM PST

Expos Alou , Grissom , Walker , Vidro , Cabrera , A injured Rondell White. Steve Rodgers

11/29/2018 8:44AM PST

Lol. Those guys are retired man. I thought this was......  oh nm. What's the use?

11/29/2018 8:46AM PST


2015 - Yoenis Cespedes

2006/2008 - Carlos Delgado

1999 - Robin Ventura

1999/2000 - Edguardo Alfonzo

1998 - John Olerud



Kirby Puckett

Kent Hrbek

Johan Santana


11/29/2018 9:17AM PST


2016 HW Kris Bryant

1998 HW Sammy Sosa 

1964 AS Ron Santo

1998 R/HW or 2003 AS Kerry Wood

2005 IV Derrek Lee

11/29/2018 9:46AM PST

Needs to be a Bartolo Colon card for every team he played for. 

11/29/2018 10:52AM PST



11/29/2018 11:18AM PST

That's how i felt, all the best Reds FBs are either already on the game or were last year.

Missing this year are, Choo, Frazier, Bruce, and Votto.

11/29/2018 11:52AM PST


The got HW Braun, young Lo'Cain, Yelich has something like 80 cards.... If I had to pick someone, a Post Season Flashback 1997 or 2001 Craig Counsell.

I can't believe I'm going to say this; I think SDS has covered the Brewers properly.

11/29/2018 2:07PM PST

2001 bret Boone

1995 tino Martinez

2001 Jamie Moyer

1997 randy Johnson

1996 a rod, seen it I believe on mlb 16, but pre roid arod

11/29/2018 2:28PM PST

1974 D!ck Allen

1983 LaMarr Hoyt

1990 Bobby Thigpen

1994 Frank Thomas

2000 Magglio Ordonez


11/29/2018 2:37PM PST


curt shilling

pedro martinez

manny ramirez

david ortiz

nomar garciapara

11/29/2018 2:42PM PST

I’ll play this:

Jamie Moyer

Mike Jackson

Norm Charlton

Vince Coleman

Joey Cora

11/29/2018 2:53PM PST


1948 Rookie Satchel Paige

1948 Hardware Lou Boudreau 

2016 Postseason Star Andrew Miller

2001 Impact Veteran Juan Gonzalez 

2008 Hardware Cliff Lee



11/29/2018 2:53PM PST

1966 Frank Robinson

1973 Jim Palmer

1992 Mike Mussina

1999 Roberto Alomar

1997 Arthur Rhodes

11/29/2018 2:58PM PST

Choo does have a POTM card which i think is technically a flashback. 

11/29/2018 3:14PM PST

For the rangers I’d love to see:

IV Hamels

BO Kinsler

R Chris Davis

BO Gallo

and since I can’t thibk of a 5th active player, how about one of IV beltre/IV Michael Young/OR All Star Josh Hamilton

11/29/2018 3:26PM PST

Cubs- 1997 IV Jose Hernandez 

2002 BO Mark Prior

2003 PS Kerry Wood

2001 BO Kyle Farnsworth 

1995 AS Mark Grace

11/29/2018 3:34PM PST

But that is not a Reds flashback, those were all reds cards last year

11/29/2018 5:13PM PST

HW mickey mantle

Any jeter card

HW A-Rod 

lou Gehrig

joe DiMaggio 


11/29/2018 5:29PM PST


Frank Robinson

Boog Powell

An '83 PS Mike Boddicker

Mike Mussina

And my favorite player growing up...Brady Anderson


11/30/2018 3:53AM PST

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