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Lets play a little thinking game.  What are five flashbacks you could think of from your favorite team that you would like to see in the future of DD?  It seems like there will be tons of Flashbacks next year considering we already know there are AT LEAST 30 diamonds at launch.

2016 IV Jedd Gyorko

2013 PS Michael Wacha

2017 BO Tommy Pham

2018 AS Miles Mikolas

2016 R Seung-hwan Oh

11/29/2018 6:21AM PST


2016 HW Kris Bryant

1998 HW Sammy Sosa 

1964 AS Ron Santo

1998 R/HW or 2003 AS Kerry Wood

2005 IV Derrek Lee

11/29/2018 9:46AM PST
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