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Exp     If I'm selling an item for 9,999 and the list looks like this...








And you down bid me from 9,999 to 2,500 

You're a special type of pickle gagger

11/20/2018 9:04PM PST

If your item can go from 9,999 to 2,500 and not be bought right away it’s probably not worth 9,999

11/20/2018 9:06PM PST

My comment is with that notion, considering its generally understood, i dont mean irregular prices

11/20/2018 9:10PM PST

That was me when i was selling Arrenado instead tho, someone went from like 180k (my bid) to 130k like really dude....

11/20/2018 9:12PM PST

2 possible solutions.

1 If your bid is preposterous and his is more in line with the typical value, then yer basically hoping someone accidentally buys it. Tough *** in that case.

2 Your bid is a reasonable price for the item in question. He slashes your price by 75%. Ok? He's not too bright or doesn't care. Either way, buy his item and sell both. 

Not sure what's to be upset about here?


11/21/2018 2:48AM PST

Yeah it kind of irks me when I see things like this... its like you are really going to short yourself 7500 stubs just so that you can sell your item??? Now someone sees that card and buys it now other players that want that card are thinking thats what the card actually goes for and its like now if I want to sell this card I have to lower the price. But I guess since someone was able to put the card up for that low, that means the "Sell Now" was even lower than 2500 stubs, so it works both ways. Just have to set the card at the price and be patient even with people undercutting.

I know right now I'm having an excruciating wait on my two POTM Josh Hader's selling. When I pulled them I saw he was going for 65k so I listed both at that price and then as I go back I see that he's in the 50k range and could possibly be lower... I know that the Finest Hader is out there if you can get 3 other Finest cards but watching the price plummet like that especially in the mist of a 50% off stub sale was weird to me. 

11/21/2018 7:07AM PST

Arenado didn’t go for 180k very often if at all when live series cards were in style.  150ish was what I remember so if you’re really expecting 180k you’re a regular kind of pickle gagger that has unrealistic expectations. 

11/21/2018 7:21AM PST

all depends if he bought the item. Maybe he won the item in a pack and just wants it to quicksell for whatever stubs he needs to buy something else. 

11/21/2018 7:21AM PST

I agree with your first point but I'm  talking about the second next point you made, if you're making a sell bid for a fair price of the item and some bimbo undercuts you by 40% and his bid still doesn't get sold other bidders see his price and then try undercutting him leading to a trend and devaluation of the item to the point it's ruined....

11/21/2018 8:35AM PST

Yeah well it sold for over 170k and i had next order at 180k so why wouldn’t next person put their order 179k or 175k he’ll even 170k but nope, bring the price down to 130k.... or i hate when ppl post a few thousand over sell now price like dude just sell now and keep it moving 

11/21/2018 8:43AM PST

Well then you should buy the 130 k and put it back up....simple solution but I think we all know this card is at best 150k....the market already seems to be settling after the stub sale and 180k is a really irresponsible purchase 

11/21/2018 8:53AM PST

Ya i pulled him pretty early and sold him for about 155k.

11/21/2018 8:55AM PST

because you would become the under cutter.. duh

11/21/2018 1:43PM PST

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