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6 226 Active 9 months ago

Why cant SDS work on their problems on week days while most of the players are working or in school?? Out of all days a Sunday??

I guess they figured since they dont have a NFL team to watch anymore on Sundays they can get some work done. 

11/18/2018 11:49AM PST

For real. 

11/18/2018 11:50AM PST

Is this planned?

11/18/2018 11:53AM PST

Ohh. Now it says routine maintainence 

11/18/2018 11:54AM PST

It says routine maintenance but it’s actually unscheduled otherwise there would have been an announcement on here beforehand. Sometimes issues crop up that necessitate the servers to be taken offline or rebooted repeatedly, there isn’t much traffic in mid November anyway, so the chances are it’s neccessary and only causing inconvenience to a tiny amount of people. It just so happens we are among that few.

11/18/2018 11:57AM PST

Same reason they allow everything else to go on.  

11/18/2018 12:05PM PST

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