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do you think he is worth the grind? I just got Immortal Wagner and Nen so I’m not sure.

this is my current Bullpen:

LS Miller

Finest Hader




Finest Diaz


Can you let me know How Goose plays for you? And Fingers too?

11/16/2018 9:58AM PST

I like Fingers online. His Forkball is insane with a slider, sinker and FB, he seems to do really well. 

I haven’t used Goose much, so can’t give an accurate answer, but for me, even Fingers was worth the grind... just my opinion 

11/16/2018 10:03AM PST

I love Rollie. I feel like I have a ton of choices for my pen but Rollie always stays in there.  I have finest Diaz, nen and most of the time finest Treinen on the bench but I never take Rollie out of the pen. 

11/16/2018 10:06AM PST

I like Rollie quite a bit more than Goose. That pitch combo is nasty!

11/17/2018 12:27AM PST

I've had him for a couple months now. He gets hit in H2H for me. No longer makes my bullpen but I do feel hes better than Nen. Wagner is the GOAT!

11/17/2018 12:50AM PST

Off course he's good, his slurve is nearly unhittable if you place it correctly

11/17/2018 1:09AM PST

He’s very good online. Don’t overuse the slurve low and away and mix in a fastball. The grind to get him was brutal but he’ll never leave my pen. 

11/17/2018 2:45AM PST

The grind to get this card is awful.  Still 16 Rollie Saves away from getting Goose,



11/17/2018 6:41AM PST

You really should do yourself a favour and put niekro in your pen.

11/17/2018 6:50AM PST


11/17/2018 8:01AM PST

Goose is no where near as good as he should be. Good hitters absolutely demolish him. Fingers is awesome though.

11/18/2018 12:07AM PST

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