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what are you guys rocking for your infield roster at this point of the season / game?!


i've got iPoo at 1B / Alomar 2B / iBrett SS / Baez Finest 3B = tons of great defence here & a bit of pop

11/16/2018 8:34AM PST

1B I Babe

2B I Cap power maxed "might as well be an immortal"

SS I Chipper

3B I Pujols

C   I Piazza

                         Bench infielders

2B 96 Finest Baez 

C  I Berra

1B 97 CA Thomas

1B 95 PS Pearce

*RF 94 CA Duke "not an infielder"

Have immortal rotation except for Jenkins.

All immortal bullpen arms 

94 FB Chapman

95 Finest Hader

98 Finest Diaz

92 CA Nen


ONLY TO PHOKING LOSE 70% OF RS GAMES.................................

11/16/2018 10:44AM PST
See original thread.