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what are you guys rocking for your infield roster at this point of the season / game?!


i've got iPoo at 1B / Alomar 2B / iBrett SS / Baez Finest 3B = tons of great defence here & a bit of pop

11/16/2018 8:34AM PST

I've got 1B - iRuth, 2B POTM Story, SS Schmidt and iBrett.

Hopefully will be putting Puljos at 3rd by tomorrow.  

11/16/2018 8:37AM PST

1B - HW Frank Thomas

2B - Finest Javy Baez

SS - HW Ernie Banks

3B - iBrett

11/16/2018 8:37AM PST

Currently have PS Pearce at 1st, LS J Ram and at 2nd, POTM Mondesi at SS and iBrett at 3rd. 

Honestly of those 4 the iBrett would be the first card I replace. Can't seem to hit with him although his solid defense is nice. 

11/16/2018 8:38AM PST

Not sure, a lot of possibilities.

So far looking

1B IRuth, 2B CAP, SS IChipper, 3B IPujols.

I did just get IJackie haven't used him yet, also PS Pierce plays 2B, great hitting card, dreadful fielding. 


11/16/2018 8:38AM PST

FB Beltre, Ripken, CAP and Babe. IChipper and IPujols are out. Good bench guys though.

11/16/2018 8:39AM PST

oh man i absolutely love Jackie's gold card, if there was anybody i'd replace alomar with at 2nd its either iJackie or finest lindor - that is awesome you got him bud i hope he plays well for you

11/16/2018 8:40AM PST

1B: iRuth

2B: iSandberg

3B: iPujols (Makes unbelievable plays, might be my best 3B)

SS: iChipper (going to go for Finest Lindor/Baez. Just want to play with different guys now)

11/16/2018 8:40AM PST

1B: iRuth

2B: Finest Baez

3B: iPujols

SS: iChipper w/ iRipken on bench

11/16/2018 8:42AM PST

1B - iPujols

2B - Finest Lindor

SS - iRipken

3B - iChipper

I think Ripken is the most underrated immortal. His D is off the charts and he saves so many runs/hits. Hitting wise he bats 8th not 4th so I’m happy with his stats and results in that spot.

11/16/2018 8:43AM PST

Yeah, so many people hate on Jackie cards, so i did him last, i will see how he does before i bench my CAP.

11/16/2018 8:44AM PST

1B - LS Arenado
2B - LS Ramirez/TC Mondesi
SS - LS Machado
3B - 96 Beltre


11/16/2018 8:45AM PST

1B- iPujols

2B- Finest Lindor

SS- Finest Baez

3B- Chris Davis (orioles epic) For now... 


I rotate players in and out but for now this is how it is, chicks dig the long ball.. lol

11/16/2018 8:45AM PST

1B: Thomas/Giambi/Stargell/Joey Bats (still deciding, or may be putting iPiazza at 1B and Bench at catcher)


SS: Schmidt

3B: iChipper

11/16/2018 8:46AM PST

will finish up 5 team epics today, who would you suggest i use them on, iChipper or iPujols?

I have iBrett, iRipken, Finest Baez and Diamond Frank

11/16/2018 8:49AM PST


2B: Finest Baez

SS: iRipken

3B: iChipper

Got Finest JRam and iBrett on the bench, plus Bagwell, 96 Beltre, Schmidt, etc.... laying around. Hoping to get Finest Lindor soon, probably after the stub sale is over tbh.

11/16/2018 8:52AM PST

3B - iJones; SS - Finest Lindor / Schmidt; 2B - CAP / Finest Baez; 1B - iPujols

11/16/2018 8:53AM PST

Can’t believe you guys all have Finest players. I guess I could get 1 but I’d have to sell 3 key parts of my team and I can’t get myself to do it.

1b - iRuth 

2b - POTM Carpenter(most underrated played in this game imo) 

SS - HW Banks 

3b- iPujols 

11/16/2018 8:58AM PST

1B: AS Chris Davis

2B: PS Ryne Sandberg

SS: Ozzie Smith

3B: Diamond Schmidt

Catcher: iYogi

OF: HW Harper, iKGJ, Diamond Albert Belle

11/16/2018 9:09AM PST


Finest Mookie/iJackie at least on the bench



11/16/2018 9:09AM PST

1B- iPiazza


3B- Schmidt

SS- iChipper

11/16/2018 9:12AM PST

Ruth at 1B, CAP 2B, Chipper at SS and Pujols at 3B. I hate my infield defensively, but have to squeeze the bats in somehow. I have Ripken, Jackie, Brett, Finest Baez etc, but most aren’t even on the bench. 

11/16/2018 9:15AM PST

1st- iBabe

2nd-iJackie Robinson

Short: iGeorge Brett

3rd: iPujols

Cather: iPiazza/iBerra platoon

11/16/2018 9:16AM PST

1b - iRuth

2b - finest baez

ss - iCal

3b - iChipper (iPujols and FB Beltre also available)


11/16/2018 9:19AM PST

1B iPiazza

2B Finest Jose Ramirez

3B IPuhols

SS iChipper

11/16/2018 9:32AM PST

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