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Got carried away with moving stubs around (thanks to free finest packs). Am I the only one???

They say it's perm...99.9% played cpu, suck at online, so don't feel like I cheated on other players. Just wanted to get a few players I could not get all year long. deserve it but permanent feels a little too rough. Sorry to the community I suppose. Enjoy the game.

11/14/2018 9:19AM PST

Sucks you got cought......most have felt good getting SDS back for all the ripoff packs they get people with, I don't cheat cause I don't know how to but haven't had the need to. Been pretty successful in the market. SDS penalized you enough already for these cornballs on here to kick you while you're down. Bunch of SDS  azs worshiping groupies.....

11/14/2018 9:49AM PST
See original thread.