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Today’s the day. Ticket counter immortal. Any final predictions?

10/19/2018 4:25AM PDT

Reggie Jackson

10/19/2018 4:30AM PDT

noon pacific

10/19/2018 4:44AM PDT

Reggie Jackson 

10/19/2018 4:55AM PDT

Overblown reactions and supreme disappointments 

10/19/2018 4:55AM PDT

Steve Garvey

10/19/2018 5:00AM PDT


10/19/2018 5:15AM PDT

Odds on favorite is Reggie, outside chance Harmon Killebrew, long shot anyone else.

Been more than a week since I fired up the game, so I hope its some one worth my time to get on and play.

10/19/2018 5:24AM PDT

Final Prediction : Killebrew 

10/19/2018 5:29AM PDT

High Pockets Kelly

10/19/2018 6:00AM PDT

Reggie "Mr. October" Jackson... people will complain until they get the tickets to buy him and start smashing bombs.

10/19/2018 6:35AM PDT

Same here, haven’t played in over a week. I have a gut feeling that this TC immortal is gonna be a huge contact hitting disappointment. I just don’t know who would fit that description with immortal status. 

10/19/2018 6:41AM PDT

Yeah, huge contact low power guy would be worst slap in the face all year.

Immortal Ichiro could fit that, since power is tied so much to HRs this year, that would be 125 contact and very low power.

10/19/2018 6:54AM PDT

Immortal Ichiro has never occured to me, but is a genius theory.  Much rather have Reggie or Killebrew, but Ichiro is a legit Immortal, like it or not.  

10/19/2018 6:59AM PDT

Wow it could be Ichiro, he didn’t even cross my mind once when thinking about this. He’s definitely immortal worthy. I just feel like Reggie Jackson is too obvious of a choice and SDS has been throwing curveballs to us all year, why would that change now. 

10/19/2018 7:02AM PDT

I would love an immortal Ichiro, thanks for getting me super hyped for nothing, now I’m gonna be pissed off when Reggie drops.

10/19/2018 7:04AM PDT

i would love that too wow what a great idea

10/19/2018 7:14AM PDT

Future Star Immortal Vlad Jr

10/19/2018 7:15AM PDT

I want Reggie. 

Do you think it’s only one TC counter today. Or will they drop another. Assuming the immortal has to be 100 diamond. So they need some players in between right? 

10/19/2018 7:28AM PDT

Watch it be JV everyone will lose their minds!

10/19/2018 7:29AM PDT

That's is what I am hoping.

I'd be surprised if its anyone but Reggie, so the real question is who will be the card in between Reggie and Winfield?

Probably a pitcher, but no clue who. Also could be Diamond Killebrew card. 

10/19/2018 7:31AM PDT

SDS didn't put a lot of thought or effort into the TC this year.  The fact it's almost November and Gold Level is the highest requirement is a little stupid.  What's the point of XP outside of the TC?  It would appear they jump to the highest level of XP required for this Immortal, but it would make sense if they add a few in between.  

10/19/2018 7:33AM PDT

Doubt it would be Ichiro given that he has a high level diamond card as it is.


With it being close to World Series time and Reggie only has a bronze card, plus he was conspicuously absent from the Post Season Programme. It's gotta be Reggie, right? I mean, a high level diamond for Killer would be great, but I am betting that will be a future release -- maybe a HW programme?

10/19/2018 7:46AM PDT

I’m only at level 40 diamond. Hoping they only require diamond level. Not everyone plays this game non stop. 

10/19/2018 7:49AM PDT

Final Prediction: Immortal Joe Blanton

10/19/2018 7:49AM PDT

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