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does anyone have a clue when finest comes into the game?  Really looking forward to it

10/15/2018 7:54PM PDT

SDS told us all last week when it was coming.  But they specifically told us not to tell you.

10/15/2018 7:55PM PDT

Q: When will the Finest and Postseason Programs be available to unlock Immortal Dennis Eckersley and Immortal Mike Trout?
A: We are targeting two separate releases. First, the Finest Program (2018 Flashbacks) is scheduled to come out in late October. The Postseason Program based on this year’s Postseason will come out after the World Series ends, likely in mid-November. Either one of those Programs will provide the remaining progress needed to unlock Immortals Eckersley and Trout.


10/15/2018 8:28PM PDT

Kind of wish they'd just drop Finest. Aside from 10 Team epics I have nothing to work on. Even with the Team Epics I've completed the hitting for all but 1 and Pitching is half to almost complete for several others. Though I'm also burned out, again, and a player who only sticks around until the WS ends. 

10/15/2018 8:34PM PDT

Personally I wished they would drop Finest later since the Award Winners won't be announced until after the World Series... but I guess they have other plans for the Finest program this year... as long as I get a Finest deGrom out of it I guess I'm cool with them releasing it... I'd imagine we could see it somewhere between next Friday 10/26 and Tuesday 10/30... with Halloween Equipment somewhere in there as well.

10/16/2018 6:11AM PDT

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