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hey guys

so I’ve been flipping cards recently. Around 250k. Should I keep flipping cards until monthly awards come out?

or should I buy 5 50 pack bundles and hope for ohtani?

9/26/2018 11:45AM PDT


9/26/2018 11:47AM PDT

Neither. Invest. May be too late to do it though. Investing is the way for profit in the market for sure. 

9/26/2018 11:47AM PDT

You can buy Ohtani outright for 240k. Do that I’m afraid you will be pretty disappointed if you go the pack route.


If you are looking to just profit and don’t even want Ohtani packs are the last thing you should do.

9/26/2018 11:47AM PDT

You could do both invest buy some packs. 

9/26/2018 12:09PM PDT

Hey guys, so I was thinking of sticking a red hot poker up my azz.

Should I do that or just keep playing The Show.

9/26/2018 12:23PM PDT

Don't open packs, packs suck, badly... At least for me. Opened around 75k worth the other day and didn't even pull a damn gold player. 

9/26/2018 1:50PM PDT

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