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3 325 Active about 1 year ago

it’s official. I’m quitting this game. So many frustrating moments and wasted money on this game. It’s sad but I can’t take this game anymore. I’ve been playing MLB the show for several years but now it comes to an end. F U SDS. 

9/18/2018 7:32PM PDT

You can’t wait until friday?  This is the most hype there has been for a long time for this game.  Give it 3 days my man.

9/18/2018 7:34PM PDT

You were spot on about that stream. Unfortunately it doesn't change the way the game plays. Which for most is the most frustrating part of this game. Too late to change that. They could announce 10 more immortals and the game still plays like trash. Squared up balls being popped up, lack of strikeouts in the game because god forbid if you throw a fastball with the pitch speeds the way they are. Its a dumpster fire. Guys hitting balls 5 feet off the outside of the plate and pulling them for homeruns. Sliders down and away? Forget that pitch. Its routinely pulled for homeruns. I get it, people like the game, excited about new content, so I'm i. But the gameplay isn't going to change this year regardless

9/18/2018 7:41PM PDT

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