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Its a shame that Tony Gwynn isn’t an immortal! The man is arguably the best pure hitter in history. Yes he didn’t hit for power but that’s because he didn’t need too.. could go 0 for in a whole season and still have an average above .300.. that’s just crazy!


7/10/2018 5:54AM PDT

Gwynn was great and a definite Hall of Famer, but I think we tend to overrate him a bit because of his batting averages and low strikeout totals.

if you look at the timeframe of 1982 (his first season) to now, he ranks 1st in BA, but:

26th in fWAR

30th in OBP

255th in Slugging

83rd in wOBA, and

59th in wRC+

He was a solid base runner and a great outfielder for a time, but his defense fell off pretty hard in the second half of his career.

So I’d say he got a pretty deserving card. That said, Vlad got an immortal, and I’d say Gwynn is just as deserving, so what do I know.




7/10/2018 9:01AM PDT
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