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#VoteBenny lets get this guy to the all star game. Better than Stanton and Judge that for sure...

7/9/2018 6:44AM PDT

It should be noted that Betts actually has more fWAR per game than Trout does right now. I think it is something like .077 to .071. Not sure about their bWAR though. Betts missed some time due to injury so it makes a direct comparison a little hard to make, but it’s safe to say they’d be pretty close if they had an equal amount of games. That being said, Trout’s WAR took a small hit when he had to DH for a week or so.

The upshot is that, for at least this season, they’ve been pretty close in overall player value when Mookie has been active.

7/9/2018 8:17AM PDT
See original thread.