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So looks like his DL stint is over and he is coming back. Since he isnt pitching.... I guess this means he will have an OF card of some sort now?

7/6/2018 6:19AM PDT

I’d be surprised if they do that. This isn’t as simple of a change as moving someone from left field to center field. Ohtani is still a pitcher and people will want to pitch with him. I don’t even know if it’s been confirmed he won’t pitch again this year, although I suspect that may be the case. The real solution is to allow his one LS card to either be in the rotation or the lineup. The second solution would be to just add a second LS card for position player. But they’ve had plenty of time to do either, and have done neither. I don’t think the answer at this point is to take away his ability to be a starting pitcher in the game.

7/6/2018 7:33AM PDT
See original thread.