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I know what your thinking, he was already upgraded and his fielding is accurate, and you think I’m saying this because I’m a Red Sox fan...well part of this is why I’m posting this, I’ve seen him a lot this year. This guy is straight out raking, you can say I’m biased, but it’s true, he is top 3 hitters in baseball right now. His knowledge of the strike zone and his vision and selection of what pitches to swing at is top of what I’ve seen out of all Red Sox last year and this year, and tops of the league I would’s the question, does he deserve an upgrade? Let’s look at his recent games! 


Last 7 games:

A .433 AVG with 3 home runs and 9 RBI


So as of late, he is doing pretty well, I would say... you look at his power in the game, it’s 90’s for both hands. Now what I wanna know: is power ratings established based on home runs hit or how far they go for a batter in real life? If it’s based on amount of home runs: Stanton should be downgraded or Martinez should be upgraded, because Martinez has 6 more home runs than Stanton, and Stanton has 100’s power for both handed pitchers...and Martinez is doing it with a better average with a .329 


Does he deserve an upgrade? I’m not trying to be biased, I’m honestly looking at the stats and rating and asking myself this question...


Discuss please! 



6/28/2018 9:17AM PDT

bro just calm down stanton's last 15 games are 58AB 6R 22H 4HR 12 RBI .379BA .431OBP I know your a red sox fan but try to be objective 

6/28/2018 9:23AM PDT

I am, you can talk about Stanton in a thread if you want to! People already know Martinez’ overall stats so I wanted to show the last games...

6/28/2018 9:24AM PDT

I can't stand obnoxious homers, it's so off-putting.

6/28/2018 9:30AM PDT

I’m posting the stats to show if he’s been doing good or bad as of late, honestly tho shut up dude I’m not trying to make this a Red Sox thing, post something contributing to the question idiot

6/28/2018 9:32AM PDT



6/28/2018 9:32AM PDT

His hitting stats are one of the best for LS players already, so there isn't a whole lot to upgrade. One of my favorite LS guys to use,  for sure. 

6/28/2018 9:33AM PDT

I would agree with that, but think about his hitting stats compared to Stanton, shouldn’t his power be upgraded? Also thanks for contributing instead of pointing fingers :) 

6/28/2018 9:35AM PDT

My opinion is his card already rakes but to upgrade him he’d have to have better defense. 

6/28/2018 9:40AM PDT

That’s true. But is his hitting since the start of last season a reason to upgrade his power or contact? 

6/28/2018 9:42AM PDT

He absolutely deserves an upgrade.  They need to up his vision for sure. 

6/28/2018 11:15AM PDT

His hitting since last season is nearly historic but I don’t see any live series players attributes going over 100 points till maybe the end of season. This is my first year playing the show so I’m not sure what they’ve done in past years 

6/28/2018 11:18AM PDT

I agree that he should be higher then a 85 , but his hitting stats can’t go up at all..i think if they can raise his vision 15-20 Points higher, he’d be on cue , because this dudes right, this guy is one of the most feared hitters in the league. 

6/28/2018 11:28AM PDT

Multiple LS players have attributes at over 100 right now.

6/28/2018 12:30PM PDT

Alex Bregman has them all beat. He is literally playing baseball on fire right now. Another walk off HR last night too. Straight murder

6/28/2018 12:54PM PDT

Bregman lol I thought we were talking feared hitters 

6/28/2018 1:56PM PDT

This is probably the only attribute that needs adjusting. Yes he hits homer's but he hits a ton in general. His strikeout rate is still high but I think 52 vision is a bit low for him. Still a great diamond option for a cheap price.  

6/28/2018 2:10PM PDT

i love the sox and he has been really good for us but i don't think they will give him another upgrade  but he does deserve it hes been killing it last year and this year so sds let get a plus 1 or 2 for my man JD

6/28/2018 2:13PM PDT



My big question is why not? If he is hitting better than stanton, and stanton has more power ratings, wouldn't that be a big reason to upgrade him? He has been absolutely mashing ever since the start of last season, if you are telling me he is an 85 with every big number he has put up, Im confused...

6/28/2018 2:17PM PDT

He’s hitting better than Stanton RN, but Stanton is heating up so his powers not going anywhere. Also Stanton had 59 homers last season and won MVP, hence the 100+ power from both sides. Not sure where I’m going with this, but just throwing this out there cause you nor anyone here has mentioned this and you’re comparing JD to Stanton. Just cause he’s hitting better than stanton RN, doesn’t mean his power should be higher. If he keeps it up he can be CLOSE to Stanton, never higher. And power counts for XBH like doubles, triples, homers not just home runs or home run distance.

6/28/2018 2:27PM PDT

JD Martinez is the best hitter in baseball right now. 

6/28/2018 2:28PM PDT



True that, for some reason I didn't take that into account, ugh I guess its an off day for my brain lol...Disregarding that, I still think JD could be upgraded again, in my opinion.

6/28/2018 2:41PM PDT

I got JD as a 12 win BR reward and was a little pissed I didn’t get someone worth more. He then single handedly carried my RS team to WS last night. What a card man, what a card. 

6/28/2018 7:49PM PDT

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