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Good job on the "fix" for adjusting sliders for moments......./s How about looking at WHY we had to do it?

Some of these missions are already challenging due to the stats required and that's fine. Unnecessarily nerfing my player's hitting stats isn't fun and don't pretend that they're not reduced. I can play the CPU on Veteran with the Baltimore Orioles in Diamond Dynasty and put up "video game" numbers, but as soon as I'm in Moments, I'm swinging a pool noodle.

You're not giving out 99's in this mode. I shouldn't struggle to put up 20 runs across 6 shortened games with the Cubs for a gold Ben Zobrist. 

The time isn't worth the effort, unfortunately.

4/4/2019 5:18AM PDT

I've given up on these. The Ruth moments hitting HR's is about impossible. I think its funny they have hit HR record breaking moments and roll out a card with 50 something power. Really? No power for a HR legend.

4/4/2019 7:12AM PDT
See original thread.