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I posted a couple days ago about my power going out mid game and I would not get my reward. I have to give credit to sds for customer service. I have emailed them twice in the last month and I have gotten a response within 24 hours both times. I thought I’d post their response to my MTO question since I know others have asked about this. The response is below:

”One power failure will not result in you losing your rewards.  If the system detects you are improperly exiting the game it will warn you that you are at risk of losing your rewards.  If you do this enough times it will give you a message you have forfeited your chance at rewards.  You can still receive rewards up until you receive this message.

The best way to avoid any unintended loss of rewards is to insure you are exiting the game in a proper manner. Please insure that you only exit the mode from the home screen. If you are in-game, you can always save and exit which will reserve your rewards while allowing you to leave the game. Any other exit will count as a strike against your account and increase your chances of not gaining rewards.”

4/9/2019 7:02AM PDT

You can just back up the MTO Data File from your PS4 to a USB Drive before each game. Very easy to do. Then you can restart at any point you want at anytime. Just remember to exit the game through the menus so you won't get penalized.

Comment by ooDJILLUSTRATEoo
4/11/2019 9:29PM PDT

Has this been tested? When I was referring to the save file I misused the term (my bad). I actually meant the March to October 'universe' that was started. I would assume each time an M2O is started it is given an unique key value that is synced with the SDS servers. So multiple saves for the same March would be treated as the one season. Anytime that M2O is quit through alternative means (talking to you, Mrs Conway), that's a paddlin'. 

At least, that's how I would do it to prevent exploiting of saves. They would have considered that, guaranteed.

Having said that, somebody should test your idea and see whether it results in a warning message and post the results here (if it works, then SDS can plug it up to prevent cheap exploiting of it). 

4/11/2019 11:50PM PDT
See original thread.