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I only need 5 more stars to unlock Jose Reyes affinity, question is will completing m2o on rookie without winning the  world series be enough to "complete" m2o? Like is just making the playoffs going to be enough? As it stands right now i may not even make a wild card and this is rookie! Feels like HOF...

3/28/2019 8:26AM PDT

Quit out of the game before it has a chance to save. Then reload and you should be able to replay that game. 

This is assuming that the game does not save in the middle of games instead of just at the end. 

Comment by Dolenz
3/28/2019 9:24AM PDT

You will become ineligible for rewards if your save file is tampered with in March to October.

3/28/2019 9:27AM PDT
See original thread.