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I completed every moments extreme except for this one. I tried taking until 2 strikes. I tried loading my lineup with high vision and contact lefty batters. Nothing has worked. I scored 5 runs once but Rickey Henderson took me deep in the 11th and I lost. How are people beating this moment? Any tips?

9/18/2019 6:07PM PDT

I played this thing probably 100 times, it felt like it anyway. Best advice is really quit trying to do what others do and just play your game. It will eventually come to you. I had Ozzie Smith of all people hit a 2R HR to tie it up for me and Ralph Liner hit basically the walk off to win it. 

Not any great advice, but there really isn't any magic formula other than patience and time. Good luck.

9/18/2019 6:43PM PDT

Power swinging got me through that moment

9/18/2019 6:49PM PDT

I just finished this moment recently. I tried loading my team up with my best lefty hitters but it wasn’t working. I switched to a team of contact hitters and got it on the second try even with the worst glitch I’ve ever seen on this game. I had the bases loaded with one out and George Brett hit a fly ball to RF. Kenny Lofton tagged up and slid under the tag easy but then Pudge tagged him and he was out. Thankfully, Brian McCann walked it off in the next inning. 

My advice would be to use the players you are comfortable with, not necessarily the best players. BO Brian McCann came up huge for me even though I had a few better rated players than him. 

9/18/2019 6:52PM PDT

I had to force myself to only swing if the ball was in the top half of the zone. Anything low is a guaranteed double play if runners are on and even if you square it up with a power hitter, it will be a line drive. I finally got it without any homeruns. 

9/18/2019 8:23PM PDT

he gets kind of wild so let him gas himself out and look for one pitch (usually a cutter that is left over the plate) and also stack the lineup with lefties

9/18/2019 8:26PM PDT

I know you said you already tried taking until two strikes, but that was the way I beat it. You’ve got to get his pitch count up and confidence low. In my experience he threw way more balls than strikes, and most of his strikes aren’t good to swing at anyway. I also used as many lefties as I could, and the only two righties I had were high vision Brooks Robinson and Jason Kendall. Just beat it however you can, good luck.

9/18/2019 8:29PM PDT

I used reticle pci and just tracked the pitch up and down, did it pretty quickly, plus it does help stacking your lineup with lefties

9/19/2019 12:12AM PDT

Two words... TAKE PITCHES

9/19/2019 4:58AM PDT

I added a couple guys with the Rally Monkey and Fighter perks, and finally got it done after hours of trying.

9/19/2019 9:41AM PDT

Here's what worked for me. It may not work for everyone but it is what finally got it for me.

1. I went with all high contact/mid power/high vision lefties at every position. I'm talking guys like Gwynn, Alomar, Ichiro, Cobb, Slaughter, etc. Since there wasn't a catcher that fit that bill, I put Ichiro as my catcher and had him lead off. I replaced him with a catcher in the top of the 9th and then pinch hit for that catcher when it came around again. Remember, you're trying to start a rally so guys who will string hits together are key.

2. Put some lefties with power on your bench. As his stamina goes down and his confidence, these guys will be key to pinch hit to put you over the top.. 

3. I decided to go with Directional and just sat on inside cutters. I never pulled up and right, always just straight right. I got a couple homers out of that but a lot of singles through the hole. 

4. Take his stamina down. If you're sitting on one particular pitch (inside cutter), this just comes naturally.

5. Steal when you're trailing by more than 2 runs. He doesn't pay attention to you while you're trailing by a lot so steals are pretty easy. 

Hope this helps.

9/19/2019 9:54AM PDT

Feel like I’ve posted this in every thread about this but load up your line up with high contact high speed lefties, your outfield should be something like lofton Gwynn and ichiro, the key is start a rally, not try to hit 5 solo shots, take a bunch of pitches, contact swing, steal bases 

9/19/2019 10:13AM PDT

For me, I used guys with high contact and 70 plus speed. I took until 2 strikes every batter and once he was at about 60 pitches, he had no energy or confidence and walked in a couple runs. Every time I got on, I stole. He is incredibly slow to home so it was easy to steal 2nd and 3rd. Before I tried stealing, I would hit into double plays every time I got someone on. I got these tips off the reddit page and was able to finally do it after hours of failing.

9/19/2019 10:51AM PDT

Thank you guys for the tips. I finally beat it!!! I made sure to take pitches and by the end kenley had like 60 pitches with no confidence and I walked off with Lou Gehrig. 

9/19/2019 2:10PM PDT

Nice advice

9/19/2019 5:07PM PDT

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