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How the heck did anyone complete this? I've done literally every other moment in the game without struggling as hard as I do with this. Easily the most annoying challenge I've seen.


For reference to anyone who might not know what I'm talking about. In the 2016 Cubs Storyline, you have 4 games to get

25 IP with Starting Pitchers

20 Ks

<7 Hits

<4 Earned Runs

8/24/2019 4:12PM PDT

The reward for doing the Cubs Storyline was never worth the time, but now that the game is 5 months old and hundreds of awesome cards deep, there is absolutely 0% chance I’ll ever attempt that storyline. And I’m one of the few suckers who actually likes Moments. 

A couple of the Healy Momebts are starting to tug at my sack, though. The SS Williams looks fun, but they’re definitely putting us through the wringer to get it. 

8/24/2019 4:31PM PDT

The trick is to go at least 7IP with the first two starters (Arrieta and Hamels).  Split the last two cause their confidence stamina lowers faster.

Also if I’m not mistaken, once you have a good progress going after the first game or two, if you encounter trouble, you can dashboard and just pickoff where you started before

example:  doing great after 2 games, in the 3rd game, start giving up hits, dashboard and you’ll be able to start game 3 again

hope someone can confirm this.  Don’t want to tell you something thats not true

8/24/2019 4:31PM PDT

I finally got a run with Arrieta that I could stick with. CGSO, 1 hit, and 17 Ks. this moment still sucks eggs

8/25/2019 2:17PM PDT

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