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I don't know about everyone else, but I am absolutely hating the direction the game went this year.  I may be the only person that really liked the program system last year, but you could build a team that had very specific goals, one for each player on the field and the bullpen.  It made for some really fun strategy when building your lineup.  It gave me a great sense of exploration and discovery. 

This year everything has a singular focus.  Spending an hour trying to hit homeruns out of the Polo grounds to complete one mission is tedious, unfocused, and really just feels lazy.  This is terrible game design.  There's no balance or synergy like there was last year when you could accomplish a bunch of goals in a single game.  That was always the best feeling, when you completed two players programs in the same game.

This year there is absolutely none of that for me.  I actually regret buying the game this year.  I wish I could have showed my displeasure with my wallet.  But they've already taken my $60, and are trying really hard to pull more out of me by pushing this game into a micro transaction clusterfark.

4/7/2019 5:39AM PDT

There are two things I’d like to see added with regards to offline play to help encourage playing with a variety of lineups that aren’t tied to the old way of grinding.

1. Offline BR. Madden’s Draft Champion has had an offline mode since it was introduced. Add that to BR, but with reduced rewards. 

2. vs. CPU challenges. I’d like to see more reason to play 9 inning games and just play to win them, rather than to get a certain amount of doubles. Maybe every month new challenges could be added where you play the CPU with your team at different difficulty levels. But instead for always facing the standard teams, maybe you could play against special teams like Yankee Legends, or the 2019 NL and AL All-Star teams. These could even be structured like Moments. Maybe some will have “salary caps” that force you to restructure your team like Events. Just something to give you more reason to play without forcing you to get doubles with Daniel Nava.

4/7/2019 7:01AM PDT
See original thread.