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I don't know about everyone else, but I am absolutely hating the direction the game went this year.  I may be the only person that really liked the program system last year, but you could build a team that had very specific goals, one for each player on the field and the bullpen.  It made for some really fun strategy when building your lineup.  It gave me a great sense of exploration and discovery. 

This year everything has a singular focus.  Spending an hour trying to hit homeruns out of the Polo grounds to complete one mission is tedious, unfocused, and really just feels lazy.  This is terrible game design.  There's no balance or synergy like there was last year when you could accomplish a bunch of goals in a single game.  That was always the best feeling, when you completed two players programs in the same game.

This year there is absolutely none of that for me.  I actually regret buying the game this year.  I wish I could have showed my displeasure with my wallet.  But they've already taken my $60, and are trying really hard to pull more out of me by pushing this game into a micro transaction clusterfark.

4/7/2019 5:39AM PDT

Even if they fix the difficulty then Moments still won't count towards Diamond Dynasty.  So instead of feelings like your killing two birds with one stone, its just a random playmode that only really progresses itself (apart from the XP).  The rewards are laughably awful and are pushing you towards paying more money for stubs to buy packs.

At least in the player programs last year there was always something that could be accomplished, like getting more hits or stolen bases for a certain player.  It feels like they leaned on the "they're supposed to be difficult" mantra to the detriment of actual enjoyment.  When I have completed Moments I never felt a satisfaction at having done it, but rather relief that I don't ever have to do them again.  That is a horrible sign, especially the first month in.

Comment by Malabarista42
4/7/2019 6:01AM PDT

Moments get you stubs, xp, packs, players, program points, and things like the Topps now vouchers, which will be used to get Topps Now packs when they release. I have no idea what you mean by “won’t count toward Diamond Dynasty.”

And you talk about not feeling satisfaction but relief when you complete a moment, all the way advocating for a return to last year’s programs? My god. Programs were 10x worse with this. Although maybe you got immense satisfaction out of playing the CPU in Coors on Rookie for hours on end. I’ll take the struggle with Mays at the Polo Grounds over months and months of that.

4/7/2019 6:26AM PDT
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