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It’s ridiculous how I went from beating the CPU on Conquest strongholds on AS difficulty by a land slide with players like Hosmer, Segura, Suarez, etc. yet can’t get 2 XBH with Wilson Contreras on Veteran or hit 2 HR’s in 3 games with arguably the best player in the game on Veteran. Either pitching needs tweaking or hitting needs tweaking or something but the difficulty of these missions are just absurd because they aren’t really displaying the difficulty that they’re supposed to be. Hitting as a whole feels very “weak” to me but that’s how it was last year and then they “fixed” it and the whole game went to ***. Please SDS take this into consideration, I understand these missions aren’t supposed to be easy but don’t make them impossible as they currently are.

3/27/2019 6:09PM PDT

Very surprised there’s been no official comment on this yet. It just seems so obvious that each Moment is harder than the stated difficulty, due to pitch speeds and PCI sizes. If the difficulties mean something different in Moments, then I’d like to know that for sure. 

4/1/2019 5:36AM PDT
See original thread.