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A new long-term feature to consider

11 days ago

I've had this idea for a while but never shared.

Wondering if there could be a setting for Franchise that allows users to play through the season and the rosters update when the actual team (in real life) makes a trade or a roster move, etc. and then that is replicated within the users Franchise file.

  • This feature would only be available prior to starting the season. In the same menu where you can find "turn off CPU trades" or "set up fantasy draft."
  • If selected then the rosters are updated in correlation to the team's real-life roster and the decisions the team makes throughout the season
  • If not, then all of these rosters moves, trades, etc. are made by the user

I am not sure if this is realistically possible since the save files and update files, etc. and how the information could be transitioned to the videogame world... but....

10 days ago

I’ve thought about this too and wondered what the barriers would be. Would definitely need to switch off in-game injuries, and there would be many players in your franchise universe that end up with off-field injuries to compensate for their IRL injuries.

Stats would differ too which means there may be some unexpected and unjustified send-downs and call-ups.