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Better franchise mode in 19?

2 months ago

Any news on new features for franchise mode in the show19?   Like being able to edit coaches names.  Or pulling up the player card and having it list that players achievements?  Like how many all-star games or gold gloves or MVPs or batting titles ECT.... I feel so much could be improved . It's the little things that count for me

2 months ago

I just want the Online Franchise back. Haven't tried it, but sounds like fun

2 months ago
This comment has been deleted.
2 months ago

I wish you franchise players the best of luck but I won't be holding my breath. 

2 months ago

When retro mode was introduced, it was the result of one guy spending a few hours putting something together just for a bit of fun (according to live streams 2017). It would be nice if the same love was given to Franchise. There are so many little things that can be done for Franchise in a relatively small chunks of time that will significantly make the mode more engaging and immersive for those of us who are exclusively franchise and not interested in DD grinding.  Yes there are big things like trade logic that very much needs to be addressed (and it should be, it's long overdue) but there are so many little things that can be done too using data that's already there. So many great ideas are mentioned in threads in the Franchise forum by many people (myself included, of course!). 

But as Dolenz has mentioned, I won't be holding my breath either. Franchise seems to be an afterthought ever since the introduction of card and mission grinding. For some reason that's what the market wants. The devs are just following a trend that most video games follow now - grinding for rewards. 

Incidentally, I have also noticed that this forum is way more toxic than it used to be, which seems to correlate with the introduction and increased popularity of DD missions, packs, and modes. I rarely now venture into any threads in the Diamond Dynasty forum because it's all the same stuff over and over. I'd hate to be the person responsible for trawling the forum for real feedback! Franchise and Road to the Show seem to be the more productive and useful forums. 

Perhaps a better organised forum management tool would be useful.

Anyway, that's off-topic. 

To sum it up, agreed. The little things count for me too.