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Is there a reason why I get freezeouts and get the L in br?

11 days ago

I'm trying to practice br for 19, but it seems like this one type of freezeout happens very frequently. I hit a ground out and the game freezes. About 5 minutes later it says lost connection with your opponent. I don't care much about winning br runs anymore but if this a problem on my end I wanna try to solve it before 19 happens. Is this am issue on my end or does it just happen in the game?

11 days ago

I've played a ton of BR this year and had maybe 2 freezeouts, in case that helps you for reference sake.

11 days ago

I remember reading something about this on Reddit a while back about how grounding out with your 8th hitter can trigger a freeze off. I had it happen to me once also, grounded out with my 8 hole hitter and got the L

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10 days ago

It happened a ton a while back but lately here I have been playing BR and have had numerous lost connections right after a ground out maybe the bug is back idk. Haven't had the issue for events or RS or anything else just BR lately.