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MLB The Show 19 *Confirmed* New Legends (thru Mar. 21)

14 days ago

Here are all the confirmed legends for the new game and where they were first revealed. Speculate which cards you'd like to see of each player by checking out their BaseballReference pages. I'll update this list as more legends are revealed.

1. Christy Mathewson (First gameplay trailer)

2. Ty Cobb (First gameplay trailer)

3. Jason Kendall (First gameplay trailer)

4. Rob Dibble (First gameplay trailer)

5. Willie Mays (First gameplay trailer)

6. Jimmie Foxx (Defense Overhaul Twitch stream)

7. Iván "Pudge" Rodríguez (Hitting Twitch stream)

8. Cliff Lee (GameStop Monday RTTS video - Feb. 18)

9. Andruw Jones (RTTS Twitch stream)

10. Walter Johnson (RTTS Twitch stream)

11. Kerry Wood (Moments Twitch stream)

12. Cy Young (Moments Twitch stream)

13. Mark Prior (Moments Twitch stream)

14. Rogers Hornsby (Moments Twitch stream)

15. Lou Gehrig (March to October Twitch stream)

Comment by xFearTheForkASUx
27 days ago

In the GameStop Monday video we saw Keith Hernandez (NYM #17) in Conquest Maps. I don't recall him being in the game this year.

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13 days ago

Rogers Hornsby. That's the good stuff. Greatest offensive 2B ever.

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11 days ago
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11 days ago

Called Mattingly....

Boone is a strange one but it at least gives us a much needed power 2B.

A.J. Burnett....WHAT?! He had like 3 good seasons?!

Prince Hal is a nice touch....solid crafty lefty from the 1940s and 50s.

10 days ago

Is Kenny lofton returning this year? Albert belle?

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10 days ago

Mattingly was one of my favorites growing up, even though he was a Yankee, I was a kid and didn’t really care about the rivalry.  His power seems kind of low, however I’m assuming he’ll get a Signature card as well. 

7 days ago 3 Likes

Rickey Henderson!

7 days ago

So 10 more legends and 10 more Diamonds for the team affinity

6 days ago

Is there still 10 more new legends being released?

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6 days ago
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4 days ago

Torii Hunter!

3 days ago

Give me Jim Thome or give me death.