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Good players that SDS gave us the chance to get for free

2 months ago

Who are players that SDS made free and ez to obtain that are good?

They could be event players, rs rewards, budget programs, and free login packs

2 months ago 2 Likes

Ones that come to mind for me are from the postseason program. Bellinger, Judge, Pearce, and Price are all solid. 

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Definitely PS Edgar Martinez, the Rookie Ted Williams is a base hit machine online, and while I know there are numerous options that are better and more appealing to people, I enjoy the Clay Buchholz from the All Star Summer program you literally got by pressing one button. Agreed though 100% with the other post the Postseason program has some solid gems for minimal time. 


As far as events go, the silver stud event was very generous regarding the time limit and win count for Hardware Giambi. Plus I think anybody who tried to get him all had competitive teams being only silver players allowed. 

2 months ago

PS Program is a for sure slam dunk. The play and predict program also had some gems 

A number of the 25% cards from team epics were pretty good but i know there will be debate weather they are free 

Feller was pretty easy to get and I dont play much online plus the other 3 immortals that you get for just playing

2 months ago

The Rookie Ted Williams is actually really good.. I used him for an event and he was my best hitter