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List of Event Rewards for the entire season

2 months ago

Does anyone know where I can obtain a list of the event rewards for the entire season?  I know there is an event tab on this site, but I feel like it was not updated every time



2 months ago

Eric Gagne

Buster Posey

kenny Lofton

Ben Zobrist

Andrew McCutchen 

Jason Giambi 

these are off the top of my head feel free to add on .If I was on my PS 4 I could list them all . 

Alan Trammell

2 months ago

85 Jon Lester

91 Josh Donaldson

92 Jose Bautista

2 months ago
This comment has been deleted.
2 months ago

Justin Upton ?

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Sorted by Date of Announcement:
3/20: Opening Week: PS Dykstra
4/13 Southpaws: AS Lester
5/4 Hall of Fame: BO Boggs
5/18: NL Central: AS McCutcheon
5/31: Phenom: BO Upton
6/14: AL West: HW Scott
6/27: Split Squad I: AS Britton
6/27: Moonshot: AS Bautista
6/27: Split Squad II: AS Zobrist
7/27: Road to Cooperstown: AS Trammell
8/10: NL West: PS Holliday
8/24: Silver Studs: HW Giambi
9/7: AL Central: AS Lofton
9/21: NL East: PS Murphy
11/8: AL East: HW Donaldson
11/26: Live Series: HW Posey

2 months ago

wow! thanks for all the responses.. this will help