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If you’re mad I have Niekro...

2 months ago

I'm the one who quit out........Just wasnt worth my time 100 percent knuckleballs thrown unless I got a hit then a fastball way out the zone maybe....Just isn't worth my time rather just take the L go about my business..... I got tired of squaring it up just to fly out to the outfield and was just frustrated to begin with that someone with a decent record would even have them on their team that ish is reserved for the bottom tier players....heck I could put bronze Niekro in my pen but I dont cause it's pretty cheap

If hitting wasnt so broken I really wouldn't care so much about facing a knuckler but fact is they cheesy af.......Even the developers know this why do you think in SDS stream when they were building end game lineups Ramone said he wanted bronze Niekro like come on now....You went up by more runs then I thought I could come back from so I quit it happens maybe I will get to play you again sometime 

Comment by xTakerRIPx
2 months ago

fair enough man...just thought it was funny cause of the jjdgas dashboarding stuff...funny this thread got so much attention...good to see you back on the boards