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Anyone else happy they didn't grind a lifetime for all the immortals and what's your team?

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I made WS every season with no immortals and my current team is almost as good as an all immortal squad now. I only played 10 games this season so not yet in WS's my batting order and the rest! I wanna see yours

LF- Ted Williams

CF- CAP.. who is a right fielder, he kills it out there because of the equipment

RF- Luis Gonzalez 

3B- Joey Bats 

1B- Giambi Athletics diamond

SS- Ernie Banks

C- Kyle Schwarber Tc

2b- Jose Ramirez LS

P- Immortal Feller, TC Guidry, Finest Bauer, Ohtani FS, Harvey. I also mix in Buehler FS, Diamond Felix, Mike Scott, Degrom LS, Edinson Volquez gold card when I'm feeling risky

Bench Gary Sanchez,  Shawn Green TC, Raul Mondesi TC, JD Martinez LS, Josh Donaldson and sometimes I'll throw in killebrew for Josh

Main Bullpen guys I do best with because we all got prob 15 plus guys we mix in or more

Andrew Miller

Chapman LS

Wagner phillies card



Leclerc POM

O'Day gold card...

Honorable Mention: Axford and Betances


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I don't grind immortals.  Just don't have the time or will to play 100's of hours vs. the CPU on Rookie.   I don't play RS though.  Only events.  I hope next year they make the best cards harder to obtain and more rare.  Although then half the people on here would complain that they can't easily get every card.    

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94 Trout - CF
89 CAP - LF
92 Bautista - RF
87 Green - 1B
90 J. Ramirez - 2B 
88 Machado - SS
85 Grandal - C
91 Arenado - 3B


93 Arrietta
90 Sale
86 Syndergaard​​​​​​​
85 Cole / 90 DeGrom
75 Wright ( :) )

87 Miller
87 Chapman
88 Sutter
88 Jansen
87 LeClerc
82 Osuna
85 Hader

4 months ago

i like this thread fun to see who plays with unique teams -


Dawson - CF
iTed - LF
Gonzo - RF
rotates a lot eddie murray / frank thomas / stargell - 1B
Alomar - 2B 
POTM Story - SS
CAP Mr D1ck - C
iPujols- 3B


Finest Scherzer

Wade Davis 92
Fernando Rodney
Sergio Romo
Bruce Sutter
Aroldis Chapman AS Card
Blake Treinan Finest
close to iGossage using gold currently


my bench -


Frank Thomas / Giambi / Raul Mondesi / McCovey / rotating 1st guy

4 months ago

Camo Reyes



Joey Bats

PS Daniel Murphy






4 months ago

Schwarber or Gary C

TC Shawn Green 1B

90 Utley 2B

Donaldson 3b

iBrett SS


FS Tyler O'neill CF

Giancarlo Stanton RF




92 Hershiser

FS Kopech

86 CC

85 Sanchez


4 months ago

C iBerra

1B Frank Thomas


SS Schmidt

3B BO Beltre

RF iVlad

CF iGriffey

LF Snider










Finest Bauer

LS Sherzer

PS Hershiser


Arietta from collection


after RS rewards I’ll have Sandberg and he will play 2B and I’ll move CAP to SS and Schmidt to bench

4 months ago

Got my first offline immortal in Chipper Jones but honestly I probably hit better with Eddie Mathews at third.  I basically got Chipper without even realizing it.  I got Schmidt a while ago because he seemed like the best shortstop option and over time finished his program just by playing RS and realized that was a big part of getting Chipper done so I decided to go after Chipper.  I couldnt imagine doing that for all the immortals.  Even what I did for Chipper made me want to kill myself.


C Bench

1B Giambi/Thomas

2B Morgan

3B was Mathews now Chipper

SS Schmidt

LF Williams

CF Snider

RF Gonzalez


Pitching I seem to change constantly.

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4 months ago

With the help of some nephews for the grind I went all in. No money spent, all stubs through BR

CF iGriffey

RF iTrout

LF iWilliams

3B iPujols

SS iJones

1B iBabe

2B FinestJram

C iYogi












Finest deGrom



Finest Treinen

Finest Hader

Finest Diaz





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C- 85 Mike Napoli/ 92 Gary carter (like to mix it up)

1B- 90 Chase Utley

2B- 78 Ian Kinsler (praying for a diamond or even gold card)

3B- 85 Josh Donaldson

SS- 87 Gleyber Torres

LF- 87 Bryce Harper

CF- 87 Victor Robles

RF- 86 Nelson Cruz

Starting Rotation:

86- Chris Archer

85- Anibal Sanchez

85- James Shields

85- Matt Latos

87- Michael Kopech

4 months ago

After last night, I'm three cards (iSeaver, iEckersley, iTrout) away from my end game line-up goal:


RF Ichiro (favorite player of the 2000s)

2B Altuve 

CF iGriffey

1B The Babe

C iYogi

SS Schmidt

LF Snider (until I get iTrout)

3B Boggs (favorite player growing up)



C Bench

OF Snider

IF/OF iBrett

IF/OF Trea Turner

1B Thomas




iSeaver (should have next week after I finish buying apparel)

FS Ohtani (picked up last night on sale)





O'Day (love pitching with this card)

McGee (to be replaced with iEckersley)






Playing only offline gives me the ability to enjoy some of the players with less power (Ichiro, Altuve, Boggs) but that are some of my all time favorites. Also, you never know if Ichiro will be in the game after this year due to retirement so his 93 card was one of the "must haves" I was after. Had to wait quite a while for the price to come down but was able to scoop one up last month finally and love the way he sprays the ball all over the field. Can't wait for the Postseason program to come out to get those last two cards.


4 months ago

Sweet unique lineups guys, since I’m officially never making World Series because I can’t hit a lick..I think I’m going to Bench some immortals going forward and have a little fun with other players 

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Interesting when you check out your in game profile the highest it says you’ve been is 849, and 812 last season, Something doesn’t add up 

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Only one unhappy is the wife

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Interesting when you check out your in game profile the highest it says you’ve been is 849, and 812 last season, Something doesn’t add up 

Comment by skepple15
about 1 hour ago

Hmm... how does one get a WS banner without making WS?

4 months ago

Ram Jam

Manny M




POTM Grandel 


POTM Chapman


Orel PS






4 months ago

SP: Ohtani, CC, Sutton, Nolan 89, Kopech

BP: AS Chapman, POTM Diaz, Sutter

C 89 Cap, 1B Frank, 2B POTM Carpenter, 3B iPujols, SS (soon to be) POTM Albies/Mondesi, LF Billy Williams, CF Edmonds, RF Belle

Stargell, Sandoval, Matt Chapman, KB, Lofton

3 months ago
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3 months ago

Happy for you... with that said I will continue to grind for Immortals... I'm pretty sure if I go through my inventory and/or mental rolodex my team is pretty freaking stacked as well without Immortals outside of Tom Seaver and George Brett... I'm real close on some others but not all that willing to pull the trigger on some of these exchanges as far as buying a bunch of souvenirs off the market as of right now and/or emptying the souvenir cupboard doing exchanges... kind of want to finish Frank Thomas, Zack Greinke, Johnny Bench and Duke Snider arcs as well as relievers Nen and Fingers before deciding what to do about the exchanges... not looking to good at the moment on finishing more Team Epics but paying the CPU teams to get the Finest Flashback should help me get all those games out of the way and I guess I'll go from there.

3 months ago


CF Larry Dobby

C iPiazza

SS Schmidt 

1B Giambi/Big Hurt

3B Joey Bats

RF Jose Ramirez LS


10 hits away from iChipper, not sure who’s getting the boot yet. 

SP Fergie

SP Saberhaggen 

SP AS Cueto


SP AS Latos

Very close on Nolan and Tom terrific for CC and Latos

CP Gange

3 months ago

I don't grind immortals.  Just don't have the time or will to play 100's of hours vs. the CPU on Rookie.   I don't play RS though.  Only events.  I hope next year they make the best cards harder to obtain and more rare.  Although then half the people on here would complain that they can't easily get every card.    

Comment by gpetro15
11 days ago

"I don't have time for the 100s of hour to grind for immortals. I hope next year they make the best cards harder to obtain."


They already are plenty hard to obtain. So hard that you didn't want to spend the time getting them.


But anybody should be able to obtain all cards. That is my biggest problem with the most recent editions: the immortals that only the top 1% of players can get and the Finest that require you to either get lucky or have millions of stubs.

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3 months ago

2B - LS Jose Ramirez

CF - LS Mookie Betts

3B - i George Brett

RF - AS Jose Bautista

SS - LS Lindor

1B - BO Edwin Encarnacion

LF - LS JD Martinez

C - LS Gary Sanchez

3 months ago

C - FS Francisco Mejia (usually IV Jorge Posada, and sometimes PS Kyle Schwarber)

1B - HW Frank Thomas

2B - Finest Javy Baez

SS - HW Ernie Banks

3B - POTM Matt Chapman (usually PS Edgar Martinez)

LF - POTM Shin-Soo Choo right now (usually AS Billy Williams)

CF - HW Dale Murphy

RF - FS Kyle Tucker (usually Rookie Ted Williams/PS Nelson Cruz)

Rotation - Finest Trevor Bauer, PS Orel Hershiser, FS Kolby Allard, POTM Miles Mikolas, PS C.C. Sabathia (one of the last three is usually HW Fergie Jenkins)

Bullpen - PS David Price, AS Fernando Rodney, LS Josh Hader, BO Jake McGee, PS Sergio Romo, LS Edwin Diaz, LS Felipe Vazquez, HW Bruce Sutter

Bench - BO Harmon Killebrew, AS Jim Edmonds, and then a mix of the platoon guys.


I just gotta finish up those Future Stars to get iBrett over at the Hot Corner. He'll be my first Immortal. Will also probably get iYogi from the TC once I get to Diamond level.

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I'm probably in the minority, but I disagree that every card should be obtainable.  I like when there are very rare cards.  It adds to the uniqueness of the lineups and the competitveness of online play.   Who cares if someone can beat the CPU 30-0 on rookie 400x's.  Why should that feat unlock anything?

3 months ago

Immortal Nolan Ryan 

Immortal Tom Seaver

Immortal Bob Feller

Finest Max Scherzer

Finest Blake Snell

93 Jake Arrieta Diamond

92 CC Sabathia Diamond

92 Fergie Jenkins Diamond

92 Orel Hershiser Diamond

Immortal Dennis Eckersley

Finest Edwin Diaz

Finest Josh Hader

88 Bruce Sutton Diamond

Immortal Yogi Berra

Immortal Mike Piazza

97 Joe Morgan Diamond 

Immortal George Brett

96 Adrian Beltre Diamond

Immortal Vladimir Guerrero 

Immortal Ted Williams

95 Bryce Harper Diamond

98 Jeff Bagwell Diamond

97 Frank Thomas Diamond

95 Willie McCovey Diamond

91 Troy Tulowiski Diamond

95 Mike Schmidt Diamond

94 Duke Snider Diamond

94 Mike Trout Diamond

94 Dave Winfield Diamond