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Am I the only one frustrated that Harper and Machado haven't signed yet

10 days ago

ARod's deal didn't lead to any financial trouble for the Rangers.
Pujol's deal didn't lead to any financial trouble for the Angels.

You could argue Stanton's deal wasn't that great for the Marlins, but when you take into account Loria bought the team for $158 million and then sold them for $1.2 billion 15 years later, it's hard to argue they lost money on the deal.

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10 days ago

Not at all, I couldn't care less about either one of those players. 

10 days ago

Guaranteed 10 year deals are just stupid business for any team. It's fine that they want to hold out for those years/money, but any team that actually gives them an 8+ year guaranteed deal is just asking for possible financial trouble.

Comment by formallyforearms
about 21 hours ago

Why? There's no salary cap to worry about. Big market teams like the Yankees will never be in financial trouble. They could sign Machado, have it not go well at all and still be fine.