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Connection issues?

2 months ago

Something I've experienced this year is random games where I have almost no reaction time when I hit. I'm not sure if it's my connection with my opponent or not but it's extremely frustrating.  Some games I can hit just fine and I've got plenty of time to react to whatever pitches are thrown in there, then the next game it seems like I'm swinging at junk because I'm having to instantly react the moment the pitch is released...and I still have late swings even on those.  Last year I played on a tv, then mid-season I switched to my computer monitor, which has a game mode on it and that made a night and day difference...hit .300 last year. This year not so much, but it's mainly been because of random games where it feels like my reaction time is non-existent.  I'm not sure what causes it, but it didn't start happening until this year's game. Interestingly enough I moved a couple months ago and I had this issue both before and internet is pretty solid and I've got my modem plugged directly into my PS4.  Wasn't sure if this was an issue others have had as well. The fact that it changes from game to game made me think it was based on my opponent's connection, but I'm not really certain on that. I've even began to think maybe my monitor is getting outdated, but I don't want to spend on a new monitor if that's not the issue. Thoughts?