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Automatic Ejection

3 months ago

I've been watching pitching coaches run out in front of runners who have just been walked for awhile now. In anything above little tykes, a coach would be ejected without warning for that. Little tykes, they'd prolly get one warning. After ball four, play is live until the runner has reached first base and all runners have conceded not to try to advance further. Justa FYI.

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Are you watching this happen in person or on tv?

i have literally never seen this happen. 

2 months ago

MLB The Show 17 & 18. Happens every time the pitching coach goes to the mound after a walk. No, you'll never see it in a real game because, well, it's an automatic ejection. Lol! It's just one of those little things that kinda bug me with the game. I prolly posted this in the wrong area but it's so random, I really didn't know where to go with it.