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49 on Friday. But I feel like I have the reaction speed of a 490 year old when playing the Show.

9/25/2019 4:31PM PDT


9/25/2019 5:03PM PDT

16 almost 17

9/25/2019 11:04PM PDT

38 years old. Grew up watching the Tigers and the Cubs in the 80s. Tigers are my favorite, but I have a soft spot for the Cubs because of WGN. I would watch their games when the Tigers weren’t playing. I have a cousin (by marriage) who was in the majors for a bit (Josh Collmenter).

Comment by allmustfall16
4/5/2019 2:29PM PDT

I actually remember collementer, so that's awesome.  I have a cousin who's husband is joe girardis cousin.  His name is Richie girardi.  They are not close

9/25/2019 11:54PM PDT

35. I played the hell out of Ken Griffey Jrs Winning Run on SNES back when I was about 12 or 13. MLB 19 is my first baseball game in like 22 or 23 years. I can’t believe how far we’ve come with baseball video games. I get that the game isn’t perfect, but I am still in awe every time I fire up the ps4. I wish some of the people who seem to hate this game could see it with the fresh eyes that I have. We are so lucky to have a game that is this massive and comprehensive and with such lifelike graphics. I give in to peer pressure and I’ll give this game *** on the forums from time to time but I really do love this game. 

Comment by SchnauzerFace
6/16/2019 6:09PM PDT

I hadn’t played The Show since 13 and had exactly the same feeling this year.  Issues aside, this game is fantastic 

9/26/2019 5:05AM PDT

I had no idea this many people over 45 even played video games!  I guess we’re getting to the point where anyone who grew up playing in the 80s is well into middle age (no offense intended).  I’m 31 and will be that guy soon enough.

9/26/2019 5:07AM PDT

great way for SDS to survey us without offically surveying us

9/26/2019 5:17AM PDT

I was 41 when this topic was created. Those were the good old days. 

9/26/2019 5:23AM PDT

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