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4/21/2019 8:48PM PDT

Older than Ronald Acuna Jr, Younger then Mike Trout

4/21/2019 8:50PM PDT

19, I’ve been playing the show since 2009 💪

4/21/2019 8:59PM PDT

44. I like collecting all the cards from 1980's especially from 1987


4/22/2019 4:33AM PDT

37   but it's 2018 so I identify as a 25 year old and how dare any of you assume I am "37"

Comment by KOTANK1334
4/5/2019 1:36PM PDT

Stand up and slow clap.

4/22/2019 6:49AM PDT

24 year old teacher!

4/22/2019 6:50AM PDT

54 and loving this game. and now one of my favorite Yankees is available Donny baseball.

4/22/2019 5:22PM PDT

49 here. Cant stop playing, My wife thinks I am the only middle age man playing this game!!! I have to show her this thread. I am stunned how old everybody is!!!

Comment by Grimmbee
4/21/2019 7:23PM PDT

I'm 51 and I have the EXACT same issue you with my wife 😉

4/22/2019 5:29PM PDT

51 years old.

4/22/2019 5:43PM PDT

16 lol...seem to be one of the younger ones :)

4/22/2019 6:49PM PDT

42 been playing the game since 2010!!!

4/22/2019 9:06PM PDT

20 yo

4/22/2019 9:25PM PDT

And I’ve played every game since the show came out. My first baseball game was MVP Baseball 2004. Who remembers?

4/22/2019 9:25PM PDT

40 years old playing from seoul, south korea.

4/29/2019 10:20PM PDT

51 in Aug

5/10/2019 9:31PM PDT

37 here

5/10/2019 10:09PM PDT

38 years old. Grew up watching the Tigers and the Cubs in the 80s. Tigers are my favorite, but I have a soft spot for the Cubs because of WGN. I would watch their games when the Tigers weren’t playing. I have a cousin (by marriage) who was in the majors for a bit (Josh Collmenter).

Comment by allmustfall16
4/5/2019 2:29PM PDT

I know it’s been a bit since you commented this, but Josh Collmenter?! I like to do fantasy drafts in franchise and simulate as a GM. Trades, team building, trying to win a championship without playing. A year or two ago, Josh Collmenter was in AAA and I needed a new long reliever. Brought him up and he dominated, winning me a World Series.

Never forget the 2022 World Series winning Texas Rangers.

5/10/2019 10:35PM PDT

32, single father of one with a full time job. 


Grind hard when the kid goes down at night 👌

5/10/2019 10:42PM PDT

47, trying not to let my reflexes slip due to age =)

5/29/2019 3:05AM PDT

14 years old

5/29/2019 5:39AM PDT

50, Taiwan gamer

play since 08

6/9/2019 5:17AM PDT

21 been playing the show since 2006

6/9/2019 5:42AM PDT

39 here, been playing baseball games since rbi baseball on nes. Bought my ps4 mostly for the show.

6/16/2019 5:39PM PDT

Jackie Robinson’s number

6/16/2019 5:41PM PDT

35. I played the hell out of Ken Griffey Jrs Winning Run on SNES back when I was about 12 or 13. MLB 19 is my first baseball game in like 22 or 23 years. I can’t believe how far we’ve come with baseball video games. I get that the game isn’t perfect, but I am still in awe every time I fire up the ps4. I wish some of the people who seem to hate this game could see it with the fresh eyes that I have. We are so lucky to have a game that is this massive and comprehensive and with such lifelike graphics. I give in to peer pressure and I’ll give this game *** on the forums from time to time but I really do love this game. 

6/16/2019 6:09PM PDT

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