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Comment by LAbleed35blueLA
4/5/2019 1:29PM PDT


4/13/2019 5:28AM PDT

I sure don't act it, but I'll be 70 in October.

4/13/2019 5:35AM PDT

36 years young


4/13/2019 6:41AM PDT

47. Wish this s*it was around when I was a kid  lol  awesome game. LGM!

4/21/2019 4:06PM PDT

Too old to remember if I posted in this thread or not. 🤔

4/21/2019 4:10PM PDT

I sure don't act it, but I'll be 70 in October.

Comment by BostonWest
4/13/2019 5:35AM PDT

I’m impressed. I’m 37 and wonder if my reaction time can keep up with some of the younger folks. How do you do it? I want to be like you when I grow up lol

4/21/2019 4:16PM PDT

I am 64 and a retired comodities relocation engineer

4/21/2019 4:50PM PDT

Wow, here I thought I'd be the old guy surrounded by youngins, old people unite. 

40 in October. 

4/21/2019 5:01PM PDT

Lol I’m 15 and I thought older people didn’t play video games.

4/21/2019 5:01PM PDT

I'll be 50 in August

4/21/2019 5:08PM PDT

Nice try, Uncle Paul.

4/21/2019 5:09PM PDT

48 years young 

4/21/2019 5:10PM PDT

34 years old



4/21/2019 5:25PM PDT

48. I bought a PS4 just so I could play the show. Best gaming decision I ever made.

4/21/2019 5:42PM PDT

40 in June.

4/21/2019 5:55PM PDT

50 in June

4/21/2019 5:58PM PDT

49 in November 

4/21/2019 6:19PM PDT

32. Been playing The Show since '06. RIP MVP 05. 

4/21/2019 6:31PM PDT

36 in June

4/21/2019 6:39PM PDT

53 in august

4/21/2019 6:47PM PDT

56    Did I win?!

4/21/2019 6:48PM PDT

I'm 336 years old in dog years.

4/21/2019 6:52PM PDT

49 here. Cant stop playing, My wife thinks I am the only middle age man playing this game!!! I have to show her this thread. I am stunned how old everybody is!!!

4/21/2019 7:23PM PDT



4/21/2019 7:38PM PDT


4/21/2019 8:37PM PDT

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