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24 👍

4/7/2019 8:31AM PDT

14. Feel like the only young person to grind this game. 

4/7/2019 8:47AM PDT

29, but with all my late swings I feel like I'm 50. 

4/8/2019 3:02AM PDT

34 here 

4/8/2019 3:44AM PDT

49. I blame my poor play on my age and crappy eyesight. 

4/8/2019 5:02AM PDT


Man I'm like middle of the pack here.

4/8/2019 5:03AM PDT

I'm 30

4/8/2019 5:06AM PDT

i'm 48 and moving to Reunion Island (a department of france) next month. it's a tropical island in the southern hemisphere, about 600 miles off the coast of madagascar, to give some perspective. ha. i'm re-marrying and won't have a console for probably 2 months (currently play on my son's ps4 pro) and even THEN i might not want to play video games, anymore since i'm switiching careers and my entire life, as far as that goes... but damn, man... it's baseball. BASEBALL. i love this game. and i just got called up in RTTS after only about 50 double a games. my french fiancee says she gets it "mixed with cricket"... ugh. what am i doing? LOL. they say you're only as old as you feel, but video games like this one make can make you FEEL like an 18 year old rookie, even when you're 3 decades, or more, removed from that age. lol. and you never know what journey lies ahead of you! have fun, guys. peace!

4/8/2019 6:24AM PDT

23 Years old

4/8/2019 6:31AM PDT

this is a great thread guys, i had no idea the average age was so high right on.  best to all of you this week

4/8/2019 6:44AM PDT


playing for the first time since 17’ and I am terrible. Only play/grind offline when I have time.

4/8/2019 6:55AM PDT

39yr old White Sox fan here.  Always an Xbox sports game player only until Show 2017 when my wife got me a PS4 for my birthday just to play a baseball game again and used it as a teaching tool for my young ballplayer.  Started only playing franchise and then slowly got into DD.  I am terrible online as the highest level I have gotten to on RS is All Star.  My 10u son and I grind the offline games and its been alot of fun now that he is into team building games like DD. 

4/12/2019 8:55AM PDT

14 I’ll be 15 in December 

4/12/2019 9:29AM PDT

I'll be 50 in June.  

Comment by SILVER-FOX-1138
4/5/2019 12:33PM PDT

Same here buddy

4/12/2019 9:56AM PDT

Wow can’t belive the average age is so high! 

I’m 32, and sometimes feel too old to be so dedicated to a video game lol. 

But now I feel like I have 25+ years of gaming to go!

my wife will love that..

4/12/2019 10:01AM PDT

I'll be 46 in 2 weeks! I'm surprised to see a lot of 40+year olds. Any of us older men bouncing around CS or WS?

4/12/2019 12:14PM PDT

18 over here 

4/12/2019 12:28PM PDT

28 years old

4/12/2019 1:26PM PDT

56 here

4/12/2019 1:27PM PDT

38 with bad eyes. Makes it very easy for others to beat me, so I barely play online.


4/12/2019 2:53PM PDT

38 and a teacher. Completely envious of everybody who isn't tied down to 50-60 hour work weeks that allow them to already be at silver level and beyond.

Comment by GoldenGamingKM
4/5/2019 1:15PM PDT

Haha agreed 

4/12/2019 3:31PM PDT

54 and counting

4/12/2019 3:49PM PDT

Just turned 38 this past Monday 

4/12/2019 3:58PM PDT

I’m the youngest guy in here apparently 16

Comment by DubDaddy33
4/5/2019 12:51PM PDT

I’m also 16

4/12/2019 4:57PM PDT



4/12/2019 7:09PM PDT

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