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BREAKING: Aaron hicks is not the X factor 

10/17/2019 8:12PM PDT

Kahnle looked good that inning and now OTTO???


10/17/2019 8:20PM PDT

Kahnle looked good that inning and now OTTO???


Comment by jjar1125z
10/17/2019 8:20PM PDT

Gotta save em for all hands on deck or something stupid.  Kahnle has been amazing all postseason, should've put him in to face Correa 

10/17/2019 8:21PM PDT

Ottavin..... NOOOOOO...

10/17/2019 8:24PM PDT

whelp, GG Astros.

10/17/2019 8:28PM PDT

Astros have owned Ottavino.  Must be tipping pitches lol.

10/17/2019 8:31PM PDT

Aaron judge pulling a Kelly leake

10/17/2019 8:36PM PDT

Can't watch it, I'm at work, but I'm listening. A shame for CC to leave that way. 

10/17/2019 8:41PM PDT

Correa batting. 188 but slugging .625. I'll take it.

10/17/2019 8:51PM PDT

Sounds like Sanchez is catching like all catchers in DD in the 8th.

10/17/2019 9:11PM PDT

Big win tonight!!! 5 more to go. LET'S GO ASTROS!!!

10/17/2019 9:29PM PDT

Great game again folks

10/17/2019 10:39PM PDT

I had to work during this one.  But probably a good thing.  Just kept checking my phone lol. I had quite the exhilarating feeling when I saw the score change from 3-1 to 6-1.

10/17/2019 10:55PM PDT

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